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I guess Crazy Taxi these days would now be classed as a retro game, even though this is an updated package. The Crazy Taxi PSP version is in fact a compilation of Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 with a few extras, titled Crazy Taxi – Fare Wars (for the PSP).

In its own right, it is true to say that this game is starting to show its age a bit. However, as a portable game, you could ask this is the sort of game that is best suited to play on the move, especially for short train, bus or car journeys … as long as you are not driving the car yourself !!

In case you are new to the concepts of Crazy Taxi, you basically have to make your way around San Francisco is one of 4 different cabs to pick up punters and take them to their desired destination. Ok, this would be pretty simple and boring if it was not for the insane time limit you have to do this in. Are you going to take the sensible route through the roads or are you going to drive straight through the park and then launch yourself 50 feet in the air over a Tram to get there?

Do not worry if you hit things because one of the elements that makes this fun is the fact that you seem to bounce off objects as if they were made of rubber. Of course, this can slow you down but as long as you are quick on the gas and make some timely manoeuvres, you should be able to make it in time.

However, things do seem to be made more difficult by the fact that the turning circle does not seem to be as tight as the original arcade version. Maybe because you do not have the luxury of a 'real' steering wheel in front of you to spin around.

As for handling in general, Crazy Taxi 1 within the package seems to have better but in turn, you will find a bit more variety with the second installment. Luckily you get both in the one package so you can decide which you prefer yourself.

There are also some mini games included which keeps the game going a bit longer even if you finish the main section of the games.

Crazy Taxi PSP will probably appeal most to those feeling nostalgic and want to relive their arcade days. Being slightly older myself, I get the same feeling when playing Outrun. If you're looking for a game where you can have short bursts of fun without frying your brain too much, then this could be the game for you.

By Phil Penn

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