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Create a Listing Website with JetEngine & Elementor | Ratings & Favourites


Part 3 of the Create a Listing Website with WordPress, Elementor Pro & JetEngine wraps up with our custom rating, reviews, and favorites functions.

Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9CsDwAIVZo
Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwGon7N7fZQ

Learn how to add your own custom Data Stored with Crocoblock’s JetEngine and add in Reviews & Ratings with JetReviews.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:52 – A look at the end results
00:02:11 – Setting up JetEngine Data Stores
00:09:02 – Remove items from favorites
00:11:03 – Create the favorite page
00:13:45 – Install & set up JetReviews
00:16:23 – Adding the rating & comments features
00:18:46 – Add the star ratings to the listing templates
00:22:09 – What next?

Let me show you how to take your listing websites to the next level with this quick tutorial.

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  1. First to Comment! And thank you for that explainer, Very useful info. Crazy how I was already working on building a Review system. Perfect timing Paul! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Paul, thank you for the wonderful tutorial again!, what's the preference by doing a data store for favourite VS using the crocoblock builtin wish list or some plugin that may save wishlists? Thanks.

  3. Spooky – I need a favourites function for a project and voilà Paul provides the solution 🙂 Thanks again for the great video and the perfect explanation!

  4. Hi
    You are a helping hand for me every time. I learn many thing from your tutorials.

    This time some thing different.
    i need your help, I newly develop ecommerce store i.e http://www.armall.pk . I am using woodmart theme for this, the problem which i am facing when every i share my product on any channel of social media, store logo is showing instead of product picture.I mean when ever i share any product on facebook or whatsapp or any other social media, product picture is not showing. store logo is showing for every product
    With best regards,

  5. Sir how i can add jet review reviews in user profile who gives review.
    and only login user can use Favourites funtion how i can do it.
    please sir reply me.

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  7. Hi Paul
    Again and again i thank you very much for your efforts to help us learn professionally.
    After the 3rd part , is ot possible to make the 4th part as extra options like for example adding poopup , landing page , advertising for resturants also i will appreciate if you can add multi language . Also i have a question how can i align the icons list for example from right to left is it possible.

  8. Hi paul
    Could you please help us to add a food menu for different resturants and how we could search based on our current location to find the closest point of interest for resturants or so on based on the listing website business type.

  9. Thank you for your wonderful videos! I am preparing for a WordPress Developer position now. Can you share ideas of what to expect from technical interviews? What kind of tasks are popular among recruiters for this position?

  10. Off topic question, but do anyone know how to make a 'background' video clickable? I want to have a background video with a 'sales promo' on the frontpage and I want it clickable without having a button and since buttons doesn't allow for videos as background I'm out of ideas. Anyone?

  11. Great tutorial. I have a question about Data Stores. Is it possible to create something like amazon wish list or youtube save where users can create their own lists to save to them?

  12. Brilliant and makes Crocoblock easier to understand which is so needed. I know I can adapt this but Crocoblock doesn't offer any tutorials for a tours website, please consider Paul 🙂 .

  13. Thanks, Paul! Your videos are always super helpful. I have watched a few of your videos regarding listing websites with both ACF and Crocoblock. I was wondering if there is a way to create an email notification when new posts are published based on certain conditions. Like, on a job listing site, you select a job title and a location, and when a new job is posted within your selected criteria, you as the user get an email? I would like to apply this to a real estate website. I have done some research but I am struggling to find and answer and I would be very grateful if you could guide me in the right direction. Again, thank you for the awesome content!

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