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Crime Author Unboxes, Reviews Amazon CreateSpace Book


Get it now: http://amzn.to/NxQIFK

Crime author Benjamin Sobieck takes a look at his first book printed through Amazon CreateSpace. He reviews the print quality and offers a tip for color selection.

“Cleansing Eden: The Celebrity Murders”

It’s time for brain-dead celebrities to get what they deserve.

After recruiting a drug-addled street rat to do his bidding, an eccentric inventor of designer drugs launches a campaign of violence and manipulation to cleanse the world of impure celebrities.

But as the street rat wakes up to what’s really going on, he’s not liking what he sees. He’s torn between getting sober and the drug-fueled haze that keeps him killing celebrities.

As the body count rises, a decision needs to be made. Either way, someone’s going to die.

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  1. I didn't. Oscar Wilde's work is in the public domain. Even if it wasn't, it's acceptable to quote other works as part of a larger creative endeavor, provided it's not lifting a big chunk of material.

  2. I used a template provided by CreateSpace. It has an area where you insert art for the spine. Easy as that.

  3. Great, helpful, useful review. Bought your book as well, sounds quite interesting.

  4. Thanks! The only template I used was for the dimensions. CreateSpace gives you a PDF with everything marked up. It's up to you to design the rest. There are pre-made templates available, but I had a custom design in mind when I went to create this book.

  5. Benjamin, did you have to use only Interior Reviewer for the interior? It's pretty impressive.

  6. Thanks! I only had to use Interior Reviewer. The design elements I took care of before it got to that point, though. I used Microsoft Word.

  7. Great video! how much was it to use create space for a book this size? Would be great to know

  8. "It feels good in my hand"…That's what she said LMAO…Great job on your book…I was curious about the quality, and now that I see it's not some cheap press up, I will definitely use these guys in the near future…Thanks buddy 

  9. Looks nice! I'm putting the final touches on my novel to use these guys and I was looking for someone reviewing the quality. This is exactly what I was looking for!

  10. What size exactly is your book? What are the dimensions? I want my book to be the same size. Thanks.

  11. Wow when you opened it right up i was like "Wow that quality looks like the type you see in stores" I was going to use kablam but that would go better with black/white. CreateSpace seems the type for color eh. Guess i might buy one of each of the site and see the quality myself

  12. I have just ordered my books I have in print and I was curious on how others experienced it when they first saw their books.  Your video has me super excited!  Well done it dude, I'll sure make a point of it to read your book asap!

    See you on the other side!

  13. Cool feedback! Did you order just one copy then uploaded revisions easily?
    I want to order my sample but just worried that doing so will also list the book on Amazon and so, when it's not actually official yet!

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