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Critique: Google Continue to keep for iOS


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A lot more data: Seize, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any system, any place.
• Include notes, lists, photos, and audio to Continue to keep.
• Manage your notes with labels and shades.


  1. Cool. I should start using Google Keep a lot more, since it is very useful. This is nice to know because there is a 95% chance that i might be getting an iPhone 6s plus.

  2. I used to have a Sony Xperia smartphone and I always used Google Keep to take notes and I LOVED it! I switched over to iPhone with the iPhone 6 and stopped using Google Keep for the same reason as you mentioned! I'm so happy that I could now use it on my iPhone!

  3. I had the same story of using keep in my android device and stopped using it after I switched to iOS. I have been waiting for this application in ios for very long time. Just moved all my iOS notes to Google keep 😉

  4. When i am scrolling inside a note on iphone and ipad, it doesnt scroll( the note being fairly long) that smoothly like it does for the same note on android or for that matter in any other iphone app…… I dont know why scrolling inside the note on an iphone or ipad is slow for me…….
    Are you also facing this problem?

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