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Critique of “The Defeat of a Bloodless Heart” – A New Vampire Novel


With new vampire romance novels getting into the marketplace all the time, and with all the current fondness for them, below is a evaluation of a new vampire novel, The Defeat of a Bloodless Heart.  This new supplying into the vampire genre is geared at the teenager vampire romance viewers.

Synopsis:  Diane was a simple and easy small town lady of the early 1900’s when she became a vampire.  Like all vampires, she experienced to destroy to survive–but she failed to like what she experienced to do.  Killing and drinking blood was not in her mother nature.  She did all the things she could to prevent it, but the compulsion was way too robust.  It was the way she lived, the only way she could survive.

Then she fulfilled a boy who improved all the things. 

In this article is a sample of the initially two paragraphs of the novel:

“The starless evening was dim and stormy.  A thick masking of grey clouds blotted out any mild the moon may well have forged. The sky threatened a coming rainstorm but that hadn’t happened nevertheless. The gloomy darkened sky made tonight’s destroy much easier than most.  No just one could see me hidden in the shadows of the garbage strewn alley.  I was perched behind a rusting reliable metal trash bin included with ripped and shredding political posters, biting my nails absent-mindedly and killing time until eventually a probable prospect confirmed up.  There wasn’t a lot heading on in this decaying area of the city at this time of the evening.  It was a warehouse district for the most portion, with a few shabby (and probably shady) establishments scattered below and there among the aging storehouses.  My hiding spot was just south of a fishery that reeked of smelly, rotting fish.  There was a greasy spoon diner with a bar connected right at the head of the alley exactly where I waited.  The customers that frequented it were typically tough-dwelling form characters of no-good account.  I experienced no mental qualms at having down any of the clientele (if you could connect with them that) coming out of there.  I experienced my benchmarks and they were not on the higher side.

It was just just after midnight and the bar crowd experienced not nevertheless spewed onto the streets for their homeward stagger.  Pickings were few but I only experienced to wait around a shorter time for my potential victims to exhibit up.  They were two adult men essentially, obviously drunk, probably a few of patrons from the dirty whiskey joint close by.  I could listen to their boisterous singing as they stumbled together.  The two adult men held just about every other up, arms all-around just about every other folks shoulders, lurching versus the filthy brick walls from side to side down the alleyway.  A single man was tall and slender, unshaven and slovenly. He experienced greasy black hair that hung to his shoulders in ribbons.  He was dressed in a filthy pair of jeans that hung loosely on his hips.  His black Harley-Davidson T-shirt was stained with the remnants of quite a few foods. The other man was fats with a few strands of grey hair slipping in excess of his balding brow.  He was donning an in excess of-sized ‘Columbo’-design and style raincoat that was dirty and smelly.  Neither man appeared incredibly respectable but, heh, who was I to be picky?  They were probably headed to get a leak in a personal corner of the alley, picking out not to visit the pub’s filthy, overcrowded john.  It was a poor selection and it was only their little bit of poor luck that they happened to come this way instead.”

Critique:  The story is easy, nevertheless catches the coronary heart.  Diane is a ‘good’ character, at minimum by vampire benchmarks.  The other characters in the novel, Diane’s maker, Felix, and Sean (the love desire) are not with no their flaws, but also portray good top quality qualities as properly.  The story is not completely ugly, as with some vampire novels, but is a lot more of a story of Diane coming of age as a vampire.  By coming into call with a a lot more human world, and Sean, she learns a lot more of what being a vampire means…and what it can come to necessarily mean for her foreseeable future.  It is a good story, with tender times and some exciting scenes as properly.  The story is permit a tiny open up-finished at the finish, making ready for an impending sequel. 

If you like teenager vampire romance textbooks like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, you may well be intrigued in this just one.

By Denny Phillips