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Critiques With no Pants: Episode 29 – Dungeon Petz (Board Video game)


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Title: Dungeon Petz
Publisher: Czech Online games Version (
Designer: Vlaada Chvátil
Gamers: two – four
Ages: thirteen+
Enjoying Time: 90 Minutes

Dungeon Petz is a worker placement/blind bidding/puzzle fashion activity that has players functioning a pet store promoting baby monsters. Theme is at the forefront of this very enjoyable gem. Never miss out. Easily my preferred activity of 2011.

Video/Procedures Notes:

Just one oversight that I experienced when I set up the board is that each individual player will get a commencing total of two gold and then they get the turn’s earnings of 1 or two gold.

Also, when describing each individual of the demands for the petz I left out the Illness will need and the Potion will need. I recorded these but because of to retakes and other nonsense I failed to discover that this footage was lacking until finally I was finished uploading the movie. I will describe each individual briefly listed here:

Illness: Each sickness will need adds a sickness worth to the pet in problem. The moment brought on, you include the full total of sickness playing cards to the total of poo in the cage in problem. If the full equals two or considerably less then every thing is alright. If the full is 3 or more then your pet will get ill and gets struggling tokens. They acquire one struggling token for heading more than two factors and an added token for each individual position more than two that they got. Therefore, if you have three sickness factors they acquire two struggling. If you have five sickness factors then you get four struggling.

Potion: If you keep a potion card you can substitute the potion card for any will need of your pet. When resolving the potion card nothing demands to be completed…your pet is merely sleeping for this will need. Discard a card of the colour that you changed.


  1. Man, the level difference with end of the video is startling – you should either equalize it.

  2. @AlexTheUruguayan Not sure what you're referring to. I just checked various sections of the video on youtube and none of the audio seems out of whack to me. Could you clarify?

  3. @synnical77 p://youtu.be/rhS7SjSBDEo?t=30m40s – it's not that bad but I had the volume up to hear your low voice in the review and then the music is quite a bit louder.

  4. Just ordered this before the review..but you made me glad of my choice. In the future I should probably watch first! Well done review.

  5. Wow! Thanks for the review, really great! I think I'm also going to really enjoy this game, can't help myself when some sort of pets are involved

  6. Thanks for that in-depth-review. Possibly could be an interesting addition to my gaming group.

  7. Thanks for the review. Our group loves dungeon lords but we plan to play petz tonight. Looks like a lot of fun.

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