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Cutting-Edge Car Trends at CES 2017 | Consumer Reports


Autonomous driving will get a lot of attention, but vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems may get even more. They allow cars to receive and send information to make their drivers aware of issues on the road ahead.

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  1. How does this answer of systems security in automobiles? Cars are produced for safety and not the combination of end point systems security and safety…

  2. As someone who works with traffic signals for a living, that's a really risky technology that's one big lawsuit away from getting rid of it.

  3. The red light option in Audio I can see being removed by the manufacture as it's illegal to speed through a red light in North America, I wouldn't be surprised if its the same in other parts of the world and I bet my money that's what most of the audio drivers will be doing.

  4. How about installing a device that can prevent most drunk drivers from starting their car? With all the "innovations" this seems to have eluded car designers. You want to save lives, getting drunk drivers off the road would be a worthwhile endeavor don't you think? I mean seriously, how difficult could that be to accomplish?

  5. don't like this trend in the automotive industry. a car that drives itself….. why not just take a bus?

  6. Oh great, we get to hear about more "CONCEPT" cars not in production. In the computer business they call this stuff vaporware.

  7. knowing when the light is going to turn green ain't going to save lives people already don't look left and right before they step on the gas and they get plowed by the person going through the red light the only way it's going to save lives if the v2v is already on everybody's vehicles

  8. More Big Brother shit coming down the pipe line. This tech is good for senior citizens or the handicap. Other then that, i'm not paying for this crap.

  9. And how much do you want to bet that the boneheads making this stuff will not properly secure or encrypt these networks or V2V and V2I communications, and all hell will break lose when they get "hacked".

    People might even die. These bone headed car companies know this already, but they will claim ignorance to save $$ up front.

    If I was a lawyer I'd be filing suit already.

  10. This whole thing just sounds ridiculous. And none of this crap is secure. Plus, I smell Orwellian police state coming with all this garbage.

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