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Cybex has given parents extra safety and convenience with the Cloud Q! In this video, Eli describes our favorite features of the Cybex Cloud Q:

Load leg: It’s an extra stabilization point to secure the car seat in the event of a crash.
Tensioning plate: This ensures installation and secures your LATCH connectors. Also, it’ll allow you to install a Cloud Q with just a seatbelt! This is convenient if you’d like to install it in the middle seat of a car where there is no LATCH compatibility.
LSP: Standing for Linear Side Protection, LSP prongs pop out and absorb energy for extra support in a side impact collision.
For convenience’s sake: While the Cloud Q is attached to a stroller you can recline your baby! Use this instead of a bassinet so your infant is as comfy as possible

The Cybex Cloud Q is available at http://mbeans.com/cybex-cloud-q-infant-car-seat-with-recline-2016-2017.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=youtube-2017-cybex-cloud-q&utm_content=description for free shipping!

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  1. Hi, does the Cybex Aton 2 or Aton 4 convertible with the babyzen yoyo 0+??

  2. so i'm leaning towards to buy this tomorrow or the next day..is it compatible with uppababy vista?…..but im really concerned bout the weight of thie carseat…..can u help me feel at ease that im buying a good carseat?

  3. Hello, is this car seat compatible with stokke scoot. If yes, is the reclined position also supported? Thank you

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