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Cybex Mios Stroller 2017 | Best Most Popular Strollers | Reviews | Ratings


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Welcome to our review of the Cybex Mios Stroller! The Mios is clearly inspired by the style of the popular Cybex Priam Stroller, but it’s much lighter, stripping down the Priam’s winning formula for families who need a more compact stroller.
A few features we like about the Cybex Mios:
– The mesh seat and mesh in the footrest will help to keep your baby cool on hot days;
– The seat is reversible and reclines fully to accommodate a newborn baby – just tip the adjustable footrest up;
– Car seat adapters are included for popular Cybex infant car seats, including the Cybex Cloud Q and the Cybex Aton Q;
– The Cybex Mios Stroller has an easy and compact fold, with the seat in either direction.
Because it’s small and light, the Mios will be great for families who drive frequently and need a stroller that’s easy to get in and out of the car.
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  1. Can you guys do a comparison of the Mios and Yoyo+? I am trying to decide which one it get since I have the Cybex Cloud.

  2. I notice it comes with a raincover. Is there a pocket or way to store the raincover in the stroller, other than the small luggage carrier? We have a Yoyo, which has a big luggage carrier and also has a pocket on the back, which holds small items, including the raincover. Mios luggage carrier is smaller than Yoyo, and from what we can tell, doesn't have any pockets.

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