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DANGAL Discussion Review – Spoiler-Free & Spoiler-Warning




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  1. Father-figure from an Indian village! You never have to accept fault, least of all in front of your kids. Every father is the superhero in India.

  2. +jaby koay i do not agree with your point about the direct apology as the people of haryana (especially the old ones) and people like mahavir singh phogat (a strict athelete) would never apologize to his child even if he is wrong…..and in real life he even used to hit his daughters when they werent right….well not only harayana almost all indians dont accept their mistakes which is wrong but it is how it is…….and what mahavir did was better than many other parents for example he didnt choose something totally wrong for them and even if they did bot want to persue it in the beginning he knew wrestling as in their blood and they might be feeling proud of themselves today and he was much better than other fathers as even if he was strict somewhere inside everybody knew how much he cared about his daughters

  3. jaby. plz do a reaction for the HRX brand film featuring Hrithik Roshan called Defeat Defeat. p.s. plz get Rachel for it ! 😀

  4. I disagree with you when you say that you were disappointed because his fit part was just for 30 seconds. While you are referring to Amir's fight scene you choose to ignore the initial 15 minutes of the movie where he fight's with his office colleague, Waits for their Daughter's birth and scenes where his father asks him to leave wrestling and take a decent job to earn money to run a family, in those parts he was fit as well.

  5. This is an absolutely wonderful review. Both in terms of talking about the pivotal points to how it could have been better if Amir Khan's character was a bit more flawed. Great job!

  6. Jaby and Achara are so soft spoken in the UK. Seems they didnt want to wake Achara's relatives up !!

  7. He was not at fault jaby. In india that to a place like haryana, where daughters are killed. Why? because they are girls. And he not only brought them up as equal to boys but also gave them purpose in life. Archara, what you said about him being giving up for money is also very wrong. I understand it's hard for you guys to actually understand how difficult life is for a lower middle class family in India. How can you fulfill your dreams when you can't eat and can't feed your family. Most people would just forget about dreams and move on with their lives. Instead this man kept that in his heart all along. He was ready to sacrifice his job, their life for his these two daughters. Just to see them get gold medal for India. That's pure passion for your country, which I have never seen.

  8. My parents are from Haryana and I can definitely confirm that Indian parents don't apologise or admit fault , whether in sports or not

  9. I see your point that Mahavir the character does not own up to his mistakes and the human flaws not being pointed out. What you see in this movie is the dynamics of a typical indian family. Fathers, traditionally, dont specifically admit that they have screwed up or these are the mistakes they have committed in their lives and atleast we as daughters dont even expect that from our fathers. So, yes many things go unsaid between indian fathers and daughters but understood and respected nevertheless and that's how it is! and as you correctly guessed, mahavir giving in to talk to his daughter is kind of an admission/apology.

    another thing, like almost every movie based on true events. the basic plot that Mahavir singh went against all odds to train his girls to become wrestlers is absolutely true. the other supporting characters' name may be taken after real people but the characters are developed from the point of what's required for the story.

  10. I get where ure going with this. But just because Amir Khan screwed up in his youth because of a certain reasodoesn't mean his daughters will have to go through the same… this is often frustrating when parents try to teach us lesson on how hey screwed up just to make sure that we dont do the same but one thing that most of them miss is maybe u have to screw up to get back again, u can't fly if u haven't fallen! Period! And sometimes the teaching lessons become so dang frequent i wonder if their kids are even gonna screw up at all? Then why make a fuss?

  11. i think aamir khan didn't appolozise is because he is playing a role of village citizen and in india villagers are not good at expressing their feelings. they r not direct bt they find a way.

  12. Hey Jaby, talking about that flawed Aamir Khan you were talking about. Think like this mate, the story takes place in a state in India (Haryana), where patriarchy is over celebrated. So in such a situation how can a person who was once a national level wrestling champion, accept his own flaws. After all he is also a part of the patriarchy and hence his helping his own daughters is doing a big way. We can talk on this more if you like.

  13. unfortunately the movie is real…its haryanvi accent in this whole movie.harayanvi people (of Haryana state) never accept their fault and are stubborn which makes them most successful sportsmen

  14. Aamir khan's character didn't give up on his dream just for money..his father had denied him to take sports as a career choice
    That's what inspired him to be a better father

  15. In indian sports movies,its always either Pakistan or Australia. Watch Chakde India. As for Dad not apologizing, Indian parents dont usually SAY such things,(especially a rural father) n its a real live character,may be the actual father is like that

  16. Jaby he dint screw up with his career, he had to give it up cuz out of that he couldn't get enough money & he had a family to look after. Being the eldest in the family, he had a family to take responsibility . So he had to give up, & do something to earn enough to look after. Its there in the movie. He talks about why he gave up or you know couldn't pursue it further.

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  21. you said Amir was so strong in his man image and didn't sorry to his daughter….you may feel little abnormal…it's always happen when any Western people see Indian movie. To understand movie you have to understand Indian culture that you will find that scene was perfectly great. In India, Father in family is like most strong man in general…And Specifically Indian dad is so close to express their emotions before their children. Actually he was in so regrets that you can't imagine ….

  22. Don't really know about Australian wrestlers, Aussie cricketers, however, often display ill manners often especially will playing against a 3rd world team. And believe you me as this is coming from a non-fan Indian of the Indian cricket team, just so you know.

  23. Hey Jaby please react another girl boxing film Saala Kadoos starred by Madhavan directed by Sudha Kongara… It is really be fun watching it try it. Thank you Jaby and Achara

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