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Dangal USA Public Review


Aamir Khan rocks Christmas one more time!l. First day, first show audiences in USA are cheering for Dangal.

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  1. sachin tendulkars net worth 115 millions$
    phogat families net worth 14 lakhs hardly.
    who bought gold for india ??
    thanks to the pigs like sachin the real legends never got their credit .

  2. creativity is impeccable, thanks God out of those romantic stories. these movie more realistic and human spirit

  3. OK this is all reviewed by Indians, how can this be an objective review. I haven't seen the movie, hopefully will soon but in order for this to be a proper review it has to be seen objectively…

  4. What a movie!!! What really surprised me was the amazing wrestling choreography. Incredible performances. Loved every bit of it

  5. I personally liked Sultan better but Dangal was also a great movie ! What's with some of these fake accents lol

  6. The main reason I watched this movie of course cuz of Aamir Sir, but I hate that when most only praising Amir Sir's acting. I think the girls did spelended. Exceptional acting from everyone. Peace.

  7. Wohi ghisi peeti story.. Mujhe to bahut bahut bakwas lagi movie… Waste of money for me… Is se acha Anupam Kher aur Pooja Bhatt ki "Dady" dekh ke Bore hona pasand hoga…

  8. i thought we were suppose to boycott Aamir Khans films ?? r we still? is he really a desh Drohi? or was it a media hype?

  9. Merry Xmas! & Thank you USA! Look at the JoY! Everyone who loves India is on their feet praising this patriotic effort of Khan to the cause of India. This Epic contribution through DANGAL is what India's Youth needs today, and it has spread a new wave of patriotism All over the country. This is the First time ever When a B'wood stuff United the Stars and directors from Global arena and Regionals like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and even kashmiri film, appreciated Khan for this effort.

  10. But to make a place in people's heart, Aamir didn't need to sponsor any riot or took part in them, sponsor any communal Agenda of hate, didn't join any political party to woo majority , or target any minority or majority's Nationalism. Remember these Hateful Saffron Bhakts products of The disgraceful Shelters of RSS, had called Amir a Soft Jihadi, will now bear the brunt of DANGAL’s energy and its collections. JAI HIND! Keep watching. : )

  11. Dangal rocks…truly inspirational…#Girl power…lots of Love and respect from Chicago..Jai Hind!!

  12. I advice people to watch making of Dangal in the YouTube …and then watch the movie in the theatre…you will love it more…Fatima (who played Geeta) and Sanya (who played Babita) did Wrestling training for 9 months..they fractured their legs..went to Physiotherpist to get rid off pain and didn't informed to all to retain the position…they gave shots while bearing pain..this is called actual dedication..Aamir was told by Director to wear plastic object or clothes to look like old Mahavir Singh Phogat…but..Aamir denied and actually increase weight by 35 KG..he risked his life for this movie and immediately in six months after he completed his old age Mahabir portion..he came to normal body form by 6 hours of gym per day…All these make Dangal so special….

  13. I think the title of the video is misleading. It should be changed to Dangal- NRI/USA review or Indians in USA review, or something on those lines.

  14. So, is it safe to say that the citizens of India have completely forgotten about "India not being a Tolerant or intolerant" rant by Aamir Khan, then? I still do not get what the fuck was all that fuss about. Good movie, though.

  15. Now make a movie on a man wearing pretty pink dresses and sucking a strap-on from his feminist wife. MARI CHORI CHORON SAY KAM HAI KAY

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