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Dark Darker Darkest review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. You just came one of my top reviewers hope so see a lot more of your vids! You explained this Exactly how I felt I been waiting for this game for a couple of years,"My first Kickstarter!" But yes the game could have been so much more by doing less. I rather liked the tile art work and how it set up,love the idea to venture out looking for hidden keys. But the different rules for all the different things going on,Way Too Much! Subscribed!

  2. Sounds like an unfortunate case of Kickstarter-Stretch-Goal-itis (catchy, huh?). Too many additions which made the whole thing unstable. I love Kickstarter, but some project runners just overreach, I guess…

  3. i've just started to play a little…and you only have Life(1 cube) and XP(1 cube) and actions(3 to 4 cubes) on your board…there's not too much to follow…and revised rules are ok for me

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