Home Gadget Review Dark Lord and Brown Gadget? – Yugioh V-Jump News September 2016

Dark Lord and Brown Gadget? – Yugioh V-Jump News September 2016


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[V Jump September 2016] Booster Pack News

[V Jump September 2016] Structure Deck News

[V Jump September 2016] Promo & Other News

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  1. hey what are the fallen ones is it like the little monsters u use to play the bigger ones have we seen any fallen ones yet

  2. ancient gear gadget effect of changing its name helps you choosing gear gadjitron effect, cause it changes depending of which gadger you use to tribute summon him

  3. The Fusion is not lackluster at all. Towers in Performapal is quite good! With all the ATK gaining this thing can run over everything while being towers.

  4. its unaffected by other card effects how can that be lack luster especaily when a good bunch of stuff from performapals is attack raising it literally should not be gotten over that easily

  5. Ancient Gear Gadget has the 2nd effect because Ancient Gear Gadgiltron Dragon gets different effects depending on if you tributed a Red Gadget, Green Gadget or Yellow Gadget when you tribute summoned it

  6. So if there's Ancient Gear Gadget does that mean there will be Bronze Gadget because much like how Red Gadget Green Gadget and Yellow Gadget come in a trio with Stronghold The Moving Fortress it kind of looks like Gold Gadget Silver Gadget and a possible Bronze Gadget would go along with Metalhold The Moving Battlement and could Ancient Gear Gadget be a sign of a new trio of Gadget Monsters

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