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DC Comics Deck-Developing Recreation: For good Evil review – Board Recreation Brawl


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  1. These games seem so irresponsible. Did the game designers actually do the math here, or just let layers of randomness on top of randomness create their game.

  2. My gaming group liked this variant of the game the most. However, it should be noted that we like to play a lot of bluff and mess-with-others types of games…

  3. DC universe is so awful. I like watching stuff like this to reaffirm just how bad it is. Beats actually reading something by DC any day. What a bunch of garbage. 

  4. Can you cleanly combine this with the original set? Or are this and the original best played separately I really want to add on to the original game set.

  5. I always enjoy your reviews and 100% agree with you that enough with the base sets already!  But I was wondering what exactly do you mean by ‘the problem over at DC’ @ 6:35?  Are you trying to say DC has no (or very few) female characters?  Or do you mean something else? 

  6. Hi Nick. I'm thinking of getting Forever Evil or Street Fighter, but can't decide what which one to pick up. I have lots of experience of DeckBuilders like Legendary but I really dont like the CO/OP aspect of it because it ruins the competition between players. I don't want the first DC because im more of a "Villain-guy", but which one would you pick up in my situation. Which one last longest and have most variety in you opinion?
    Merry Xmas /Swedish Boardgamer

  7. Do not get this expansion. Cryptozoic took everything that was good about the original and completely destroyed it. Let me explain why. I bought Forever Evil instead of Heroes Unite because I was intrigued by the ability to play as Super Villains and to defeat Super Heroes. It was an interesting concept that I thought would shake up gameplay. Unfortunately, the Super Villains are horrible! Even the worst Super Hero from the original looks like a god compared to these awful cards. On top of that, there are nearly zero good cards in the main deck! Every single card seems to be focused on destroying your own cards. This is good to get rid of Vulnerabilities, Punch and Weaknesses, but these cards want you to destroy your Super Powers, Equipments, Heroes, Villains, and Locations or cards that are cost 1 or greater. Why the fuck would anybody want to do that? Then there's these joke cards that seem to only work when your deck has a high concentration of vulnerability and weakness. What the fuck? Cryptozoic screwed up big time. It took one of my favorite hits and made me doubt ever playing it.

  8. Well to start, I do like the DC Deck-Building Game, but man there are some points that annoy me with every new set.

    With such a wide array of female super heroes, I really did find the lack of them in this set disappointing. They couldn't spare one or two more? Because we so needed Constantine.  

    As for the gameplay, I'm not sure adding tokens was a good idea.  I appreciated that the other sets allowed you to just store a whole game in a compact form and you didn't have to deal with juggling tokens.  If I want to juggle tokens, I'll play Sentinels of the Multiverse (even with the app you're still juggling something).  Keeping the scoring to the cards is also really convenient.

    I think my main criticism of the whole system is centered on your Base Set issue. This game really doesn't lend itself to integrating multiple sets very well in addition to the glut of starter cards.  Sure there are fan variants, and even an official one, but you have to do a heck of a lot of micromanagement to get something halfway playable and requires you to omit cards.

    Heck the game balance is so wonky too.  I'm looking at you Sciencells.  You know after I think about it more, the game on a macro scale really feels poorly thought out.

  9. I just played this version with my brother and we both found it very unique that the game made use of destroying cards. Then again, I was Lex Luthor while he was Deathstroke, so he kept getting destroy cards to get more power and cards that allowed him to get more power per certain cards in the destroyed pile. It balanced out me being able to draw more cards per hero that I gained.

  10. Can you explain how Harley Quinn works with her pass a card or discard a card? What does pass a card mean?

  11. would any1 want to watch long plays of dc? i have everything andi dont mind doing it.

  12. I just got my copy of Forever Evil and Crisis 3. Forever Evil had listed 111 main deck cards and I got only 105. If this was not bad enough in Crisis 3 they have listed 14 Impossible
    Super Villains and c1 Crisis only. However I got only 13/1. Can someone help me. Does anyone know of a list of what should be in these sets.

  13. Hey can you clear up the ManBat serum card for me? Do you count the VP in JUST your hand or do you add up the VP in your hand, deck, and discard pile too? Thanks!

  14. Would you be able to explain how pandoras box works? Lets say you flip a card thats a cost 4, so you know have 9 cards on the field. Do you always have 9 cards on the field now? or just until those 4 cards are gone?

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