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Dead Effect iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com


Dead Effect iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review.
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Approximate Installed Size – 579 MB

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  1. It looks like the good old system shock… but it lacks the rpg part in my opinion. I think somebody should remake System shock for ios.. today's devices are capable of running it

  2. Deadspace: crew turns into necromorphs becuz of markers this game crew turns into zombies after virus infection, mass EFFECT, DEADspace, both sci-fi, so i think its mass EFFECT married DEADspace and had a child dat have more deadspace genes than mass effect

  3. What an original name (said no one, ever). I haven't seen a single reviewer that has like controls on FPS games for iOS, so I just ignore it. (Some aren't bad…)

  4. i have not played system shock and even i can see that it inspired this. i have seen a few videos so i have a basic idea. it reminds me of portal both have a weird, psycho, evil ai watching you, that is a bit creepy in the game at times.

  5. Oh no the graphics aren't hair on a nat's ass crystal! Fuck this game! I'm gonna go jerk off to Skyrim with my girlfriend (poster of Milla Jovovich). You. Sicken. Me.

  6. Well iOS7 has MFI controller support, this game would be great playing with a controller. I think all devs should make their games MFI controller enabled from now on. At least all the first person/third person shooter games.

  7. Man, James…You're so good at reviews now!  I haven't checked in for 4 months, but boy have you're skills grown!

  8. I get a bit more of a Doom 3 with zombies vibe from this game. Its really good though. I do like it a lot.

  9. The game has a controller option where you can reconfigure to buttons to your comfort, but that reviewer seems to have missed that.

  10. Lol to the people who says "fuck the graphics" or "shitty graphics" it is based on how you enjoyed it now what the graphics looks like ! Look Super Mario bros. in gameboy it has shitty graphics but we loved it all until now we all love Super Mario because we enjoyed playing it please please . I want you all to make your games with HD graphics with a good storyline ! Fuck haters

  11. the game looks and seem to play awesome.
    screw the touch screen, hence I ordered an MFi controller.
    problem solved.

    I'm going to download Dead Effect 2 and Modern Combat 4 and have them ready when my controller arrives.

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