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Designing Your Wedding Photography Website


Another video in my 30 day wedding photography crash course series where I share some insight on designing your wedding website. I also critique two wedding websites and give tips on how you can better your website.

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  1. Thanks for the review man greatly appreciate it. I currently use pixieset to deliver my images the client albums was before I used pixieset but debated on removing that page so that answers that for me lol. Also not sure why but the page layout is totally different on your display than on my computer. Wonder if it’s cause I made it on a laptop so the aspect ratio is different? 🤔 not sure but I will have to play around with it a bit. And I agree the number of random genres is confusing and I want to narrow it down to just weddings but have only shot one wedding so far have two more these next two weekends so hoping to streamline that portfolio to more wedding oriented. Thank you for the videos and the advice I greatly appreciate it. Keep up the hard work helps out a ton.

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