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Diesel Cars: A Comparison | Consumer Reports


Cars with diesel engines get better fuel economy. We test the BMW 335d, the BMW X5 xDrive35d, the Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTEC, and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Find out more about diesel and alternative fuel cars on our web site http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. i would like the lgacy deisel to cross the pond but i hear it's noisy and clunky but i don't know if that s true.

  2. I have a few problems with this commentary:

    1. How is it that the diesel 3-Series gets 5 mpg better than its 335i gas-counterpart and has "no payoff" whereas the X5d also gets 5 mpg better than a typical gas X5, yet yields a definitive payoff?

    2. Where can you buy a diesel Jetta in the "low $20k range?" Not by me!

    3. "Most diesels are installed in high-priced luxury vehicles." NOT TRUE! In the US market yes, but around the rest of the world cheap diesels are most abundant.

  3. @ st3even Yeah…It's the our government's emissions regulations for diesels that squash their viability in the USA.

  4. @moaski

    1) 5 MPG better in a 3 is far better than 5 in a X5, percent-wise.

    2) This is an American publication, and in America most diesels have been luxury cars, factually.

    3) You make it sound like stringent air quality regulations are a bad thing! The environmental impact of a polluting car is worse than that of a car that uses more gas, also factually.

  5. @ bg1379

    1. That's what I'm saying. So why then doesn't a 335d pay off? It's cheaper than an X5 and percentage wise gets much better mpg!

    2. WOW…that's exactly what I said, AGAIN. Most diesels available in the USA are German in origin.

    3. Your statement here doesn't reiterate anything I've already said, so that probably explains why it makes no sense whatsoever.

    You may want to re-read my comment and remove yours as to not look like a huge jerkoff, factually.

  6. @moaski

    Re-read your comment, entitled "a few problems with this commentary" and go to number 3, a PROBLEM, stating that they are wrong about what diesels usually are.

    Also, think about it- 5 of 20 is a much higher percent than 5 of 30- they are right (you unjustly told them that THEY were wrong) you'd make your money back more quickly with the X5.

  7. @ bg1379 I know the comment you are referring to. Worldwide, diesels are not luxury vehicles. They are mor common than gasoline powered vehicles. ONLY in the USA market are diesels typically found in luxury vehicles. EVERYWHERE else they are commonplace.

    Do the math: a 335d costs $3,650 more than a base 335i and gets 36.5% better fuel economy…a xDrive35d costs $3,700 more than a xDrive30i and gets 24.5% better fuel economy. HOW DOES THE X5 PAYOFF AND THE 335d DOES NOT?!?


  8. @moaski

    The data that is being presented does not suggest a 36% increase, I've no idea where you are getting that number. 28MPG from 23 is like a 21% increase. IN THEIR DATA, the X5 gets 29% higher economy.

    And, finally, I find it quite peculiar that my comments mysteriously get 2 thumbs down in a row right before you comment. . . . .

  9. I find it quite peculiar that mysteriously I get a thumbs down with every comment you post as well….hmmm.

    Perhaps there are a lot of YouTubers watching our debate right now that happen to disagree with your comments more so than mine?

    Check the MSRPs and EPA figures and then you'll see where I get my figures.

    Congrats on avoiding all the other poignant comments I've made that your are unable to refute.

  10. @andres8712 diesel is cheaper here in Finland but there is a problem… the stupid diesel tax that we have to pay here if we want to drive a diesel car

  11. I'm an American and have been living in Europe not for over three years now and here I drive a Mercedes S320 4Matic diesel. I get around 7lites/100km which is like 33 miles to the gallon. It is just a quiet as the gasoline version and twice as economical. When I come back to the USA, I am only buying diesel. The Europeans definetly know whats right.

  12. I am against diesel fuel because it pollutes our environment. Clean diesel still pollutes the environment more than we want to.

  13. Kind of american POV review, but it's true. In europe, diesel is cheaper than gas so diesel really makes sense fuel-economy wise. People get gas if they either don't drive very often, or for high-performance cars, or they just make short (5 min) trips which are bad for any engine but diesels especially. 45-50mpg is what my friends get, even with older diesel cars. Diesel produces less CO2 but slightly more pollution overall. Hybrids really don't make any sense, they're just for hippie show-offs.

  14. @heartlessvietboy So does gas, with diesel you use less fuel to do the same thing, which means you put out less in terms of emissions, especially with new clean diesels.

    Diesels are a good alternative to gas cars for a lot of people and when you consider the fact diesel is easier to produce, more efficient and can run on more then just diesel fuel, you've got a wining combination for people and the earth.

    Diesel just makes sense.

  15. @kazazajua I don't doubt that at all. My jetta has 320,000Km on it with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

    I've gotten more use from it then any gas car I've had.

  16. @heartlessvietboy hmmm so 3x the engine life, 1 year or more on and oil change and 25% better fuel economy from a similar gas models

    Well if those arent enough reasons why diesels are better then you sir are a dopey fool

  17. America is now, where Europe was 20 years ago, in terms of Petrol vs Diesel. The reason Diesel cars don’t sell very well in the States, is simple…there is less demand for an engine that is more fuel efficient, because Petrol/Gasoline is so cheap over there. (And yes it is cheap, very cheap, esp. when compared to prices here in the UK) So, until the price of Gasoline/Petrol and Diesel catch up with Europe, Diesel will always be a minority in the US.

  18. In North American, which includes Canada and Mexico, European cars are a fraction of the cars sold every year. The majority of cars sold in NA are American and Asian. While Asian brands do make diesel cars for some markets they only sell the gas engines here because there is no market for them. Even in Asia diesel cars are very rare. Europe is the exception not the rule in regards to diesel. The reasons there is no market in NA for diesel is easy; Diesel prices are much higher compared to gas. The federal gov and some states mandate very expensive emission control devices on diesel cars which significantly increases the price but also effects the reliability. The states and Federal governments also fund companies to research hybrid, electric and hydrogen technologies. Diesel in the green/alternative circles is considered a negative. All research and development of Asian and American car companies is towards zero emission vehicles. The Europeans companies are the only hold outs to diesel technology which is going to hurt them in the future as more governments even in Europe start mandating zero emission cars. Paris and London are considering diesel vehicle bans and its only a matter of time before it extends to other cities and then countries.

  19. Nice review on diesel cars.  Better gas mileage, but it is hard to get the payoff for the extra costs – something I calculated myself.  Makes it really hard to justify.  Also, much harder to find the fuel to get for the car (truck stops are great).  I owned one awhile back, but I don't think I will go back.  If I want to save on gas, I will buy a hybrid.

  20. The 335d is of course faster at 0 – 60 compared to the 335i!
    The 335i catches up and even overtakes at much higher speeds!

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