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DimDim Review – A Simple Online Collaboration and Web Conferencing Solution


Communication is key.

Demonstration and collaboration are essential.

It is not always easy to explain something out loud – there are some things a person just has to see to understand. Sometimes you can not make your point without the person your talking to actually seeing what you're talking about.

Sadly, if someone is thousands of miles away, that type of collaboration is not going to be simple to arrange.

Dimdim can change all of that.

** A Short DimDim Review **

DimDim makes it simple to hold an online conference for groups of up to 20 – premium subscriptions enable larger groups.

** Share Web Pages **

When there's something you need to demonstrate over the internet, DimDim can be your best friend. Miscommunication is no longer a concern, because everyone is – literally – on the same page, seeing the same things at the same time – and they will not even need to download any software.

This feature generally looks to work best on more basic pages, where other sites with more elaborate content can sometimes pop up an unexpected "Are you sure you want to leave this page" message from your web browser. Since this is the only flaw I've uncoovered, it really is not a big deal. If someone does accidently leave the meeting, they can rejoin it easily enough.

** Whiteboards **

In the event that you can not quite say what you mean, you can always draw it on a virtual whiteboard. You can quickly and easel sketch out an idea for your group. To make collaboration even easier, other participants can also add to the whiteboard as questions or new ideas arise!

** Presentations **

Sharing a PowerPoint or PDF with a group could not be easier than it is with DimDim. All you have to do is click on th "Show Presentation" button while hosting a meeting, upload the file and you're on you're way!

Your presentation is now visible to everyone who joins your online meeting. Simply send your meeting URL to your participants and they're in.

** Screen Sharing **

This is what makes DimDim really powerful. This is the only part of DimDim that requires a small download, but only the presenter needs it – any one else can simply log in to see your screen.

Once the plugin is installed on your computer, you can share your screen with anyone who has your URL and (optional) meeting password – but your attendees will not have to download or install install a thing! As soon as they navigate to your private DimDim address, they'll be able to see whatever you need them to. As a presenter, the plugin allows you to share your screen with to simple clicks.

** Video And Voice Conferencing **

Sharing webcams in DimDim meetings is simple, plus there are two options available for voice conferencing. Small meeting groups can communicate easily through the microphones in their computers. If you have a larger group, DimDim provides access to a free conference bridge.

The phone number and access code are sent to all of the attendees in an invitation email wen you schedule the meeting, so everyone will know what to do, these numbers are also displayed at the top of the meeting screen, so anyone who joins without checking Their email can dial in as well. Whether you have a large or small group, everyone can stay in contact, using their speakers, their phone, or DimDim's built in IM feature.

** Schedule Meetings And Post Registration Widgets **

When you schedule a meeting in advance, DimDim provides an easy to use widget that can be added to you web page or blog. This makes it extremely easy for new attendees to register for your webinar. Anyone you choose to invite to the meeting, as well as anyone who registers through your widget will receive an email with the date, time and log in information they need, all in one convenient place.

** Instant Start Meetings **

If you're starting a meeting on the spur of the moment, you do not need to worry about scheduling it. Logging into DimDim allows you to instantly start a meeting, which can be joined by anyone with your DimDim meeting URL.

Screen sharing sessions are even easier to start on the fly. All you have to do is click on DimDim's screencasing plugin, select the "Share My Screen" option, and you're good to go!

Once you launch an instant meeting, anyone that you tell, email, IM, or tweet your DimDim URL to will be able to join – so impromptu collaboration is quick and painless (oh, and the URLs are extremely easy to share: my.dimdim .com / username – so there's no need to worry about anyone getting lost on the way to the meeting!).

** Webinar Recording **

With optional webinar recording, your group can easily review the material you cover after the meeting is over, plus you can reuse them for future groups.

Webinar recording saves you time and energy, eliminating the need to go over the same topics more than once with new groups. Plus, after you meeting, you can choose to have the recording automatically emailed to everyone, so you do not have to lift a finger.

All in all, DimDim is easily one of the most complete, cost effective webinar solutions on the market. DimDim turns a screen sharing platform into a collaboration engine, making it easy for your attendees to do more than just watch. With DimDim, you can share what you need to, and your group can interact with you in real time in ways that make the meeting as effective and beneficial as possible.

DimDim comes with a few reasonable price points, including a free trial; So if you're looking for a realistic webinar solution, checking out DimDim should definitely be your next move!

By Chad Eribourne

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