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Disappointing car redesigns | Consumer Reports


Car companies spend millions redesigning vehicles, but it’s not always money well spent. Here are six redesigned vehicles that fail to impress Consumer Reports auto engineers. Visit our website for free buying advice and safety tips:


  1. @toyota4life94 They aren't saying they are bad. They are saying they did not improve upon their predeccessors.

  2. WTF. they are retarded. The e350 obviously doesn't look good with a license plate on it. None of the other cars have it.

  3. Well the Jedda is a downgrade until you realize they went from a 25k car to a 15k car entry price. That doesnt happen by magic.

  4. first of all, americans shudnt talk about handling, second, i have an e350, and it's fuckin awesome

  5. I thought the Honda Odyssey was a pretty significant improvement…arguably not in looks but in it's drivetrain (fantastic mpg) and whatnot. Still the best in class minivan. They kinda glossed over the Sienna…I thought both were good improvements over the last generation.

  6. @mackenziebrowning ddnt you see the small clip where the Odyssey went over the cones? it still a good car but, they soften the wheel on this redesign. and handling got worse

  7. @sersarsor dont feel upset bc he ddnt say anything good bout what you drive. take the fact. the E class used to be fun to drive and had a nice steering, and handling. now it isnt. and it looks uglier than before. so yea. you drive a ugly car, and another thing ITS GERMAN. its not reliable.

  8. I agree on the Odyssey (It's really ugly, the last one looked much nicer), the Jetta (VW sacrificed their good reputation for quality and gave us cheap junk) and the Toyota Sienna (ugly and the interior is worse). But the X5 and the E-Class? I don't uderstand

  9. @sersarsor Some Americans actually care about handling… That's why I want a Volkswagen GTI. And yes, the E-Class is amazing.

  10. @CrashJSTest
    The problem is a lot of people will buy it because it is huge and don't care about the offroad performance at all.

  11. @CarGuy1368 the E class is a nice car, but the base interior is rather cheap.. It doesn't live up to the standards you would expect from a Mercedes.

  12. I agree Odyssey is ufly as fuck, Honda has totally lost its way over the last 10 years. Fuck it, least Hyundai makes cool looking cars now!

  13. The time I heard Tom Mutchler's voice in this video, I knew I wasn't going to agree with everything they say in this video..

  14. Of course the 4Runner doesn't have a "nice" ride on roads. Its a traditional real BOF 4×4. Duh! I might agree with some stuff with CR regarding cars but I usually take it with a fine grain of salt. They are very inconsistent IMO. Don't hold much credibility when it comes to cars. They expect them to uphold the same standards across the board when in reality car A isn't supposed to be like car B or C etc.

  15. Where is the downright disappointing 2012 HONDA CIVIC? That car is a complete piece of trash compared to its predecessor, worse ride, worse brakes, and worse performance!

  16. eh… they say these cars are worst redesigns but they rank these cars recommend and reliable….. CR are always like this. They would only rank a few of domestics reliable.

  17. omg this negative nelly is here again. i came here after seeing him bash the tsx..shame.

  18. Why is it CR can't understand that the 4runner went back to it's SUV roots and is actually an offroad vehicle? I will agree though that the interior is lacking and Toyota's NAV is almost as bad as Chrysler's.

  19. Funny thing is that VW is selling more jetta than ever looks like the redesing worked peopole don't whant to pay for quality interiors but in Germany it is diffrent look a the Golf interior the Golf have the same quality that the Jetta had but look at the price or the Golf compared at the Jetta with the same engine and options. and if you whant a jetta with the quality than it had before buy the GLI you have better suspension brakes interior and engine etc…

  20. Test drove the new jetta and have to say even my 02 MK IV was quieter on the interstate. I did like the peppy new turbo 1.8 however.

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