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  1. Nice one Arch, Great Vid… Nice to see You giving us PhUkKers the Thailand footage.

  2. Do you go out of your way to make the audio shit? How on earth do you make it that appalling in 2016?

  3. What the actual phuck is wrong with your microphone ???

    And who in their right mind would stay in that shit hole you call a hotel. fucking rank! what a dive

  4. This is what Booking.com said about the Nana Hotel…

    This hotel is in desperate need of a major facelift. Rooms are old and very tired. Carpet stains everywhere. Cleaners walked in on us and turned on the light while still in bed, didnt even knock. Key is left at reception when going out as an indicator that room is vacant but they ignored that. Our bed was saggy with indents each side and not comfortable. There was constant noise outside day and night from and adjacent building which made it difficult to sleep. Additionally. Strange, Fat, Phisting Ladyboi Cunters frequent the lobby with DJI Osmo cameras and eventually get asked to phuck off.

  5. You need to start living a Christ centered life. You have become a gluttonous slovenly pig having sexual relations with people who Jesus himself would eradicate. You need to focus on the lord, get into shape and put your children first, or you can continue on your current course and burn in hell with the likes of Sukahorn and Gregory Davis the choice is yours.

  6. leave AC3 fat boy alone he my friend, we kiss ladyboy in the pearl harbour when
    serving in forces me take it up by 4 blokes fun it no problem you?? can tell real man

  7. Actual information that I can use. Been wondering what happened to the coffee shop since Hooters moved in. I see they made the smoking area open air… ah well at least it's still covered. Shame about the breakfast buffet.

  8. Been looking at getting an OSMO myself… I can see a proper external mic is in order if that is how the internal mic sounds..

  9. Archie, your spitting into the mike. Buy a plug-in mic. The mike on that toy is not very good.

  10. Soi 6 is a side-street between Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya beach in North Pattaya, lined by 50 or so short time bars. Most bars get going at around 1 p.m. and close at around 1 a.m. While most venues on Soi 6 cater to straight customers, more and more places also employ katoeys these days. While many bars feature an opaque mix of “real” girls and ladyboys, some bars are 100% dedicated to ladyboys now.
    As the name says, “short time” bars provide short-time sexual services, usually for up to an hour. They are typically indoor bars with dark glass fronts, often tell-tale names, and always a handful of sexy ladies hanging about outside their bars, trying to lure customers in: Hello sexy man, where you go? and the usual chat-up stuff. The more aggressive types will literally try to pull you in …
    While the regular bar business takes place on the ground floor, the upper floors provide basic guest rooms (shower and toilet often not in the rooms) where you can enjoy yourself discretely in the company of the lady(boy) of your choice. In that respect, short time bars resemble intimate small brothels, and the ladies/ladyboys working here also seem to be less shy and more “tame to the hand” than those working in conventional bars. Most won’t mind if you “paw” them a bit in the usually dark-lit bars, and some might even provide you with a hand job or a blow job in the discrete sofa corners that are typical for the interior of Soi 6 venues.
    Bar fines are usually 300 Baht and include the room rental fee for one hour. Most ladyboys on Soi 6 will expect roughly 700-1,200 Baht for sexual services.

  11. nana hotel there's hoards of ladyboys there at sundown
    archies paradise for phisting

  12. Refurb those nasty vicious violent skull duggerz HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTERZ!

  13. That place is a shit hole ….. you need one of those cones for your head so you can't eat the microphone

  14. This is where I stayed when I came to Thailand in 2012. Not a bad hotel, but there was (is?) a grouchy older lady at the front reception who apparently didn't like farangs. Not very welcoming for my first time in the "land of smiles".
    P.S. get your friggin' audio in order; it's painful to listen to.

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