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Do You Want TLDR? [Geek News, Gadget Views, & Answers!]


http://www.patreon.com/chrispirillo – I’d like to bring back TLDR as “The LockerGnome Digital Report” with your help – your regular dose of geek news, gadget views, and answers that you can use. Why? Because just about every day, in some random social thread, someone inevitably asks what happened to TLDR (or that they miss it and wish it would come back).


Well, here’s your chance.

There are many challenges that independent producers face – not the least of which is a lack of consistent / stable funding to count on (as it takes a lot of time and dedication to make something sustainable). A reliance on advertising and/or sponsorship alone for someone like me is precarious without other forms of support in place – which is why I launched this campaign for you.

Many people enjoyed TLDR the very day it was produced, but… viewership would usually trail off after the first day. Why? The content was just as valuable to you, but timeliness was a huge factor – and that’s a publishing model that needs a different kind of support to survive. Hence, this opportunity for you to become a patron for a series of videos you’ve already suggested you appreciate.

The TLDR series has a chance at longevity with your help.

It seems that most people who find me and follow me throughout the years are interested in my discoveries, my opinions, my passions, my humor (kinda), and my advice. I’m aiming to bolster my ability to deliver all of those things to you. When I launched the “Gnomies” idea a while back, it was because I felt I could offer something more to some supporters out there – and you can consider your monthly pledge like a Gnomies reboot.

If you help us reach these stretch goals, I’ll be able to bring TLDR back every weekday! From there, we have a possibility to expand the team and tackle more topics with true talent and expanded production capabilities.

Are you ready to bring back TLDR? ūüôā Read http://www.patreon.com/chrispirillo for more information and details as to what someone gets when they support it directly!

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  1. I am in for 2 dollars his vlogs are great his tech stuf is great. If you dont like it don't watch I dont paying a little, and if he and diana mwke some money then it is fine no one is forceing anyone to pay. I can't wait.

  2. You realize, that you want to SELL a  Service, done by other Youtubers for free, right? I'll be going now, Chris.

  3. $2.00 is not alot to give guys come on now!! Yes its work hes entertaining us and giving us information & editing the vlogs at home its better to work for yourself then work at a grocery store or office cubicle and worried about losing your job, its better to work for yourself thats how I see it these days.. Im with you Chris ūüėÄ

  4. I don't know what happened to you and this is going to be my second time ever I unlike a video on YouTube (so congrats on that) but WTF? Don't get me wrong, the money itself isn't an issue here and I even send you a gift a while back from Amazon that you featured on your vlogs… Another thing that I'm doing that often… Just because I liked your tech videos.

    I subscribe to give or take a dozen tech reviews, big and small and hearing something like that from is a shock for me. You basically want to be paid creating TLDR videos? I always saw in your videos that you want money in a different forms but I was OK with that but requesting directly from your viewers money to create videos? Have a nice day Chris.. I hope you will get a lot of money but I will unsubscribe from your channels because YouTube never was about the money.

  5. And one more thing to the viewers that actually spend their money on this… Go and spend that money on something good and not to feed the man that want only money.

  6. Think about this: the value of the videos I have and will produce may not change for you Рbut without YOUR direct monthly support, I'm at the whims of a fluctuating ecosystem (having to pay too much attention to numbers that don't imply quality Рlike view counts or advertising rates). 

  7. i just subscribed to your other vlog channel with you & diana & now this channel too today i like geek tech & geek news too i will watch both these channels now thank you for these kinds of channels on youtube  love tech video,s & computer technology & software i use free software & giveaway software too i find online on techblogs all the time i have for a few years now good luck with this new channel can,t wait too watch & see new geek tech video,s on here

  8. I know he must have said something about his wall, just don't have time to find it. So can anyone link me to a video/explanation. Thanks

  9. I would like to see the TLDR, but i want a little more variety in the videos when it comes to where and how it's recorded.. I've been watching your videos for yeaaaarrrs and though I am a fan of the videos, it's always the same view, regardless of whether it's a unboxing, live video or TLDR. So if people are going to pay for it, I would hope you would add a little more to change things up with TLDR 2.0

  10. I wish I could support you and TLDR but I just can't st this point in time hopefully I can in the future.

  11. dude to be honest, i really enjoy your videos from 2007-08-09 era wherein you express your opinion(valuable, to me atleast) about something and in a humorous way, that i really enjoyed, that was really honest videos and i always watch old videos of yours like that whenever i m upset or feeling low, that cheers me up.

  12. Wow, unsubscribing from both of my favorite tech news channels (if you can call Chris' recent content "tech news") in one week really hurts. Earlier this week it was David DiFranco buying a Mac Pro off the backs of his viewers who are getting a name drop in return (wow…), now it's Chris and his $5k/month TLDR extortion. Seriously, dude? This is pure greed, as is David DiFranco's campaign for Mac Pro donations. It's disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself, Chris.

  13. I just stumbled across this… and¬†Chris is THE REAL DEAL GEEK!!! ¬†I daresay he is an artist in his genre, not a darling of popular media like some of his contemporary YouTube peers (Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, and Chris Hardwick) who struck internet gold. ¬†His rare talents should not be belittled, and it is sad to realize that he may have to beg to continue offering his perspective.
    That being said… GIVE HIM A BREAK! ¬†If you don't want to subscribe, ok… he is just offering to tailor his show to please all of you. ¬†Keep in mind that he is ¬†real living a geek first, and an amateur entertainer second. ¬†He was "Life Hacking" before people knew what that meant. ¬†I challenge any of you to do what he has done… it is damn rare! ¬†
    For ex: How many of you have ever recovered data, formatted a drive, reinstalled Windows 98 and tweaked it to run better than a software engineer from MS? ¬†After more than 15 YEARS of giving, there are still some of us who remember where it all started… ¬†Keep the faith, Mr. Pirillo! ¬†You are one of my heroes. – A fellow geek

  14. Chris has a net worth of 3 million dollars on forbes and he's begging for money. Idk you anymore chris. im out.

  15. This makes no sense, you videos were always very good, but now it's only vlogs and you have to PAY for geek content? Sorry, but I'm unsubscribing. 

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