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Dodge Viper RT/10 Owners Review


What is it like to really drive a Dodge Viper? Does the Viper make a great daily driver? How is the Viper driving long distance and is the Viper really that undrivable? The answers inside this video…

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  1. Excellent review, please don't stop posting! Can you please make a video about your BIGGEST gripes with the car?

  2. nice video. you should have considered a gts to solve those leaving top and storage issues you mentioned. and don't forget gen2 was +50hp 😉

  3. Good Review. I had a 1998 GTS and unfortunately it bit me on a turn that had gravel in the road… the No ABS killed the car. I not have a 2002 GTS and it is absolutely wonderful… I Plan on making a review as well… I love Sneaky Pete painted on your garage… I'm gonna steal that idea!!! Enjoy your RT/10 man… we are some of the few that are lucky enough to own these bad ass machines!

  4. seeing yours and quintons vids….i want to start making videos too with my 94 rt10. i have some upgrades which ill discuss when making the vid. thanks for the inspiration

  5. Another good video.
    Agree 100%.
    When I owned a RT-10, I bought a hardtop and it was great. Also the profile with the hardtop looks so low and wide.
    Seats are wide and comfortable for a sports car.
    I will never sell my 2002 Viper GTS.

  6. Small amounts of space, only a 2 seater? Sounds perfect for me cause I only have 1-2 friends

  7. I've been a corvette guy my whole life but if I get to the point to where I can spend the $ do I go vette or viper? I would probably drive my toy about 3,000 miles a year…if that. The reason I would go viper is for the wow factor and resale down the road. The viper still will hold the value over the vette. But the C7 vette is so damn sexy though. Hopefully one day.

  8. still think this is one of the coolest cars produced in the last 25 years, awesome video!

  9. What a faggot! Get a gen 1. Pussy ass gen 2. No side pipes, no 3 spoke rims, Fucking gay chrome rims instead. the newer rt/10s are the most pointless fucking viper ever made. Why the FUCK would you get an rt/10 over a GTS if you want a hard top. Fucking updated rt/10 takes a mixture of the GTSs worst features and the original rt/10s worst features, and makes it into one shitty ass viper. Throw it in the garbage..

  10. I drive my RT10 to work everyday since I bought it. It is the most baddest fun car I have ever owned. I love hitting the straights hard, banging through the gears and really drive it like its meant to be driven. It's a high performance machine, As long as you maintain it religiously, such as changing all fluids , oil and filter, this thing runs amazing. It's such an amazing machine, puts a big smile every time I'm behind the wheel. Never thought I'd ever own one in my life. The driving experience is so immersive that you can't get from a corvette. The torque, the feel of the road. Although it is a loud car, you hear everything. Don't expect it to be like your moms Cadillac lol

  11. Gen2 Vipers still say "Warning Hot Exhaust" on the inside of the doors because the exhaust still runs through the sides then out the back.

  12. I prefer the first generation cars aesthetically, but would likely go for the gen 2 due to the upgraded/more powerful engine and updated interior. Tough call though.

  13. How do you feel about it now? This vid is a year old. Post a new one from a cool location like the Tail of the Dragon.

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