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Don’t Bother Buying These New Car Add-Ons | Consumer Reports


Before you sign the final paperwork for your new car, you may be asked to buy extras such as rustproofing and paint sealant. Consumer Reports auto experts say don’t bother with these often overpriced and unnecessary add-ons.

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  1. i think you should still get the rustproof done ..but not from dealer .. from local shop that does only rustproof.. New or old cars…the salts on road over the longterm will damage if not properly rustproof and washed properly

  2. I sort of disagree with the reasoning for refusing the vehicle etching. On-Star isn't on that many cars. Are there many other similar systems across the board. I've had Hondas, Mazdas, Dodges and VWs and in the past ten year and none had these services of disabling a vehicle remotely.

  3. When this said add-ons, I thought this was going to be about edge guards, side molding, etc… Does anybody actually recommend spending extra cash for those types of add-ons?

  4. Agree with most, but adding good film protection that no one can notice (no air bubbles, good fit, etc.), does not look easy.

  5. Bad advice. Owners that want to keep their cars a long time and live in the salt belt should get oil rustproofing, but not at the dealer.

  6. Any navigation system. Your phone has a GPS with automatic map updates, live traffic information, millions of waypoints and a better quality map. Oh, and you already have one. You just need a $20 windshield mount.

  7. Paid $1000 6 years ago when I brought my car for "rust proofing". They sold me on the 10-year protection plan. Sounded like they reapplied the stuff every year for 10 years, turns out they just inspect the car every year to make sure the original rust proofing they applied was still on the car. They won't tell you if it's starting to chip off at some parts(especially the control arms etc. I had to crawl under to find issues myself). On top of that, they do a crappy job rust proofing it. They literally spray the underbody at a vertical angle so you end up with a bunch of hidden, unprotected spots under the car aka the stuff that usually rusts out first.

    It only costs like $350-400 to pay them to do it once(but still a crappy job, since they won't wash out the underbody before applying). Your best bet for rust proofing is to buy a few cans of rust proofing and spraying it on yourself. It's quite simple because it's really only near the key suspension parts. Most underbodies are covered in plastic anyways so there's no point in spraying it.

  8. I don't know, I think sometimes you can't just tell a dealer to cross something off–they will come up with an excuse why they can't.

  9. I had my windows etched for free at my local police precinct. And they also provided paperwork for my insurance company where I got a small discount.

  10. Do dealers still do this? I don't buy cars that often, but when i bought a new Subaru a few years ago they did not offer me any of those items. When I bought my Saab 11 years ago, they offered me etching but that was it.

  11. This is why people hate going to dealers. They always walk out feeling cheated.
    Tesla has the right idea. Buy your car online. No BS. No going back and forth to the sale manager. No hidden or inflated costs.

  12. I used to get my car rustproofed 30 years ago, and not by the dealer. I had the opportunity to watch the dealer spray on the rustproofing; they didn't remove the spare tire, just sprayed around it.

  13. Rustproofing does not work anyway,they still rust.See it with the spray on and electronic versions a lot.

  14. Yeah, but I'm sayin', that TruCoat, you don't get it and you get oxidization problems. It'll cost you a heck of lot more'n five hundred–

  15. I agree with rust proofing when it comes to cars. Not so much when it comes to pickup trucks. Most modern full size pickup trucks can go over 200,000 miles and/or 20 years. In my area (western NY) pickups start to rust badly around 10 years and rust proofing can still prevent that. They use allot of road salt around here (I live a few miles from one of the largest road salt mines in North America) and you can get allot of extra good years without rust.

  16. I dunno about that rust part. I would never buy that from the dealer BUT in Illinois all cars start to rust if you give them time.

  17. it would be nice if you discussed more how to negotiate out fixed dealer costs in the sales contract such as documentation fees. i've tried to get them to cross it out and they would just say have a nice day goodbye more than once…

  18. Also don't get tire protection replacement, only works if you get a blow out, if a screw or small hole they will plug it and charge you for repairs up to $30 for SUV tire

  19. I agree on most except the rust proofing. I'm talking about under coating, not that stupid module that's suppose to stop rust. I've seen cars from 2014 rust out already. Matters on the conditions you are in.

    Matters on how well they do the job though.

  20. Have you guys seen what an oem exhaust looks like in an econobox after a few years? Rust, rust, and more rust. Though I guess if it doesn't rust through then it technically isn't a problem

  21. I have worked in the industry for many years, and this is the first time I've ever heard of a VIN etching service. Maybe it's because I don't live in an area where theft is a concern.

  22. I got tricked into this dealership by a $2000 below average price, and when we made the deal they added them all up as "aftermarket."
    It is worth noting that the ones who have the guts to pull this would probably pull other underhanded tricks to get you to sign. (And yah, to this day I kept asking myself "why the eff didn't I just walk away back then?")

  23. It's not all true. I bought a truck one time that they told me they spray DataDot all over the car that I have to pay $200 for it because they can't just remove it.

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