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What if you combined Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering into one awesome 2-player game?

Wizards of the Coast has taken D&D into a new realm of quick, pick up and play, 2-player entertainment with their new miniatures combat sets called Dungeon Command. Jeff, Alex, and Dan get their hands on the first 2 sets and come away raving.


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  1. It's as if Magic got the license to use Forgotten Realms settings and characters… Oh wait, it's all one company. Just a matter of time, really.

  2. Rick Schroder (42) is now older than his dad Joel Higgins was (39) at the beginning of Silver Spoons in 1982.

  3. i like the dice-less aspect of it. it's nice to have a d&d skirmish experience that's not so heavily reliant on luck. and someone mentioned the x-wing miniatures game that does have dice-rolling- that game is awesome, too. star wars fan or not, the dogfighting and maneuvering is tense and exciting. good video.

  4. I dont get what they are asking. They are asking that the game is the same as what D&D miniatures was? If you want the dice rolls in this sort of game then play D&D miniatures.

  5. I need to get this and get my friend hooked! Sounds like a good two player game and we both like strategy RPG's

  6. So, I suggested to Wizard that they might work on a Kara Tur, Angel/Divine, Warforged, dragonborn, and two factions of Blood War. Good idea yes yes?

  7. I like your idea but I think it would be more practical if it was on a video game, like how magic already has cards on the xbox for example rather than drop so much money on minatures a fraction of that would get you the game, sure you can't actually hold them but it's still kinda cool (and cheaper)

  8. This is what D&D should be, since D&D such a bad platform for roleplaying. Storygames are far superior for character interaction.

  9. What? Please explain. D&D is inferior to what? Because it is such a bad platform for what? D&D is completely open ended, you can write whatever story you want with whatever heroes or villains you want to allow (as a DM). "Storygames" and card games do not allow the same creativity and true role playing. Except, maybe, Hobgoblin – bonus points to anyone that gets that reference.

  10. Sounds for Dungeon Command adventures from any device or laptop.
    Go to to ambient realms web site.

  11. There's a game called heroclix that's kind of like that. It has superheros( captain America, spiderman, superman, and LOTS more i think you will like it

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