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E-book Testimonials – Children and YA Fiction


Books Talked about

Witch Kid
by Celia Rees

Red Tears
by Joanna Kenrick

by Patricia McCormick

Methods to Are living Eternally
by Sally Nicholls

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  1. My favorite kids book is Verdi by Janel Cannon. I also like Stellaluna by her.(they are both picture books with a fair share of words) She is great.Those are all interesting sounding… well except the last one. haha I'm kinda conflicted on whether I'd want to read red tears.. hmm

  2. At my library they have a special section for adult picture books and I found the Sad Book there. I've also read Sold and I think it's a beautiful and eye opening book.

  3. ugh, you're so good at talking about books… *is jealous of you book discussing skillz* 😉
    i'll definitely be checking out some of the books from this video! 🙂

  4. I'm starting my Masters in Publishing this January so the beginning of this video got me excited! Glad you're enjoying your courses.

  5. I loved Witch Child! I thought it was great, and I don't think thought it was too factual… But I did read it a while ago. The premise was MEGA good. : )

  6. I really want to buy red tears, do you know where i could buy a cheap copy of it? Great video btw:)x

  7. Witch Child was my absolute favourite book when I was in year 5/6! I haven't read it for a while though, I might react differently to it at this age. Celia Rees did a sequel to Witch Child, called Sorceress, which focuses on one of the descendants of Mary's, who's doing research on her in the modern day and she's a part of a Native American community 😀 It's a really interesting book! Didn't like it as much as Witch Child though.

  8. Just read the first few comments and realised they're exactly what I was about to say – I loved Witch Child when I was younger! However, The Crucible is one of my favourite plays now, so I wonder what I'd think of Witch Child if I read it again! Wasn't there a sequal too? I think there was… off to google that now! x

  9. I'd say if you are 16 or over, venture into the adult section, its not scary, there's much more of a choice than in YA and ANYTHING could happen! 😀 But if you;re looking for 'transitionals' I'll have a think and maybe make a video in the future!

  10. haha is there??! Yeah this particular one didn't grip me but I love books themed like this, I'll have to look for more! 🙂

  11. lol It should be mandatory ! My friend from Minnesota read it to me really loud and I have rarely laughed that hard!

  12. yeah I'll think I'll have to search for more books with this premise – thats what I really liked. x

  13. I googled it and there is! It's called Sorceress, although I can't really remember anything about it! x

  14. I read ways to live forever like 5 years ago and had completely forgotten about it! I have a super pretty version of it though? Its like purple and fabulous

  15. I feel like diary form is over-used in general. Especially when, although it's technically a diary, they still treat it like a narrative after a while where somehow the person writing remembers everything that everyone said and did that day.

  16. what are you studying? It must be something to do with people 🙂 i was just very curious

  17. I have a really beautiful cover for Ways To Live Forever – it's purple and it had stars on and the title's silver 🙂

  18. Leena, if you get to see this comment I would really really like to know: What kind of masters were you doing? Was it also a Masters in English Literature or a Masters in Publishing? And if it was a Masters in Publishing, would you recommend doing one? Or your particular course?

  19. I just had to comment even though this is an old video – I'm a teacher myself and absolutely agree that education degrees should include more sociology/psychology/counselling. Even as a primary teacher, it would be super helpful – also helpful would be speech pathology, occupational therapy and nursing. Teaching kids is much more complex than 'sit down, listen, learn this'. I want to do a psychology degree to help me in my teaching, another friend wants to do a speech pathology degree to help her in her teaching. I'll stop before getting on my soap box – basically just wanted to say – I agree.

  20. If you're a big fan of children's poetry you should get yourself a copy of The Bridge Across The River on Amazon. The book is well written and edited. Its presentation is very good. And the stories/poems are all very child-friendly. I bought a copy for my grandson at the same time I purchased Green Eggs And Ham. It's hard to say which one he likes better.

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