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E-liquid sample pack from V2Cigs- review | Vapor Navigator


Read the website review here: http://www.vapornavigator.com/reviews/v2-flavour-sample-pack/

I skipped vanilla as I’d already covered it, along with the cola flavour, in my V2 starter kit video review (http://www.vapornavigator.com/reviews/v2-kit/), and included V2’s cinnamon instead. Blueberry is also now included in their standard flavours, FYI.

Get the 10 flavours from V2 Cigs here: http://www.trineloves.com/v2

The sample pack includes Red, Congress, Sahara, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherry.

I’m vaping V2’s cartos all on batteries from MigCigs! (which I LOVE because of the regulated voltage: http://www.trineloves.com/migcigs)

Erbil (Arbil) is a relatively safe and very interesting place to visit (though since I visited, yeah, ISIS has changed that a tad). Certain nationalities can get easy access into Kurdistan via Erbil’s international airport for 15 days without a Visa. The Kurds are so friendly! The tunes in this video are Kurdish, narturellement, mes amis! Try here: http://yaasmin.com/kurdisch-music.html (one of the tracks is by Ibrahim Tatlises.)

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    i will be in erbil for 3 month June to september and i am a big fan of electronic cigarette  I have more then 10 different electronic ciggaret i am wondering where in erbil i can buy it or buy liquids  

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