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Easter Bunny Costumes – This Easter Become a Rabbit


The really nice party costumes have been designed for the bonsai population – yes, the children. Being children, they probably enjoy and carry off all sorts of dresses very gamely and hence it must be a pleasure to theme dresses around them. Children have this innate imagination of being someone else, and hence their costumes must be as varied as their imagination.

If there was ever an occasion or event where grown-ups are a little too shy to wear costumes at, it would be seasonal parties, with Christmas and New Year the exception to the rule. Those two seasons are probably every adult’s favorite parties to dress up for. Easter, on the other hand, being a more religious celebration is where adults tend to get a little conservative about.

Now this rule applies not to children, and Thank Heaven for that, as for them Easter is just another day when they dress special. Easter bunny costumes are very popular among kids and they can be found in all possible colours and sizes. The bunny costumes may come in any one of the following forms:

-Simple white rabbits are traditional. The bunnies are simple white for Easter and may or may not have a carrot in hand.

-There may be contemporary bunny costumes. These are none other than bunnies, but may come in different colours and designs. Sometimes they may even come dressed in other suits and costumes – something like a costume wearing a costume!

Some other variations of the Easter bunny outfit could be close mimics of familiar rabbit-like figures. One of those is, naturally, the Bugs Bunny costume. The “What’s Up, Doc” character is unmistakable with carrot and buck teeth in a traditional grey and white ensemble.

Bunny costumes for Easter are also available for babies and very young children. Specially made to cater for these young costume wearers, the bunny outfit are relatively simpler – bunny ears in a bunny-looking coat and shoes with bunny ears sticking out are often all there is to the costume.

Sometimes bunny costumes come with the additional accessories of bunny nose and teeth. These are usually the modifications of the traditional bunnies which may come in the garb of circus ringleader, magician, sailor and even doctor complete with coat and stethoscope. Though usually associated with kid’s costumes, they are also available in adult sizes.

The bunny costumes for adults is available for both the sexes. For men, the costumes are large sized and come with bunny ears, hood and a bobtail. The material is soft cotton on the outside. The Easter bunny costumes cover the wearer’s body from head to feet, including the fingers which become the paws. On the inside, the material of the costume is made as comfy as possible. But the wearer may still find it difficult to carry it off if he wears it for a long time.

The women, on the other hand, rarely have bunny outfits that really resemble rabbits and real bunnies. Bunny costumes for women are usually flirty affairs – comprising a bustier with fake bunny ears on a headband – and worn at adult parties. Sometimes, they come in a two-piece outfit; a bra top and mini skirt or hot pants. As these costumes are usually worn for evening events, they are often made of some shiny material or decorated in glitter and cotton wool. They are also available in different colors, although black, white and pink are hot favorites.

Interestingly, bunny dresses are available in sets of two Easter bunny costumes – one for the papa or momma and one for the baby. These look very sweet as they have been matched in colour and design by the designers. Keeping in mind the comfort of the child, the face of the costume is often left open; hence bunny noses are often provided as additional accessories.

For babies and toddlers up to the age of 4, costumes with zippers are the best as they are both convenient and comfortable. They are convenient in the event of a very much-needed “toilet break” and comfortable enough for the kid to get into and out of easily. It would also be a smart idea to get costumes that are a little loose to allow free movement.For babies and young ones up to the age of four, it is more convenient and comfy to go for zipped up bunny costumes. The kid can get in and out of the dress with ease, owing to the zipper and the frequent usage of the toilet also causes no issue. One more point to be considered – look for a trifle loose garments to ensure comfort.

The paired adult and baby costumes are a great idea as parents/guardians gel well with children during their fun games. Also, the child would find himself under the un-irksome guarding eye of his parent because of these paired costume.

By Raymond Plona

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