Home Game Review EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review (PC/PS3/Android)

EasySMX Wireless Game Controller Review (PC/PS3/Android)


Sponsored By EasySMX. Want to purchase a controller? Buy It Here – https://bit.ly/2d9wp6f

This controller honestly exceeded my expectations, I was expecting a cheap, 3rd party peripheral however what I received was a high quality, cheap in price game controller that gives the Xbox controller a run for its money.

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  1. can this be used with my Samsung s6 as thinking of purchasing GTA San Andreas to play on my phone

  2. How can I switch off blue light from smx button in the middle? they are kind of annoying

  3. If I bought two controllers, would they work on the same console at the same time?

  4. Hey, is this controller comfortable compared to the xbox 360/one/dual shock controllers? Im using this to play fifa and it feels weird, i keep missing passes and my thumb keeps getting positioned awkwardly. So im wondering whether it will take more practice or i should find something that suits my hand (i have small hand). This is my first controller though..

  5. Can someone pleas help me how long does this controller last and is it worth the time and money does the analog stick buttons and top part of the controller fail to deliver or do they succeed.

  6. ✌️😏 Hes rite! on my ps3 i got 2 EasySMX plugged in and they both work, plus my wireless ps3 controller, that means 3 players, that means Little Big Planet baby! ✌️😎

  7. That's the way to do reviews. Simple, clear and straight to the point. Thanks. Now off to find one in 2020, prices have hiked!

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