Home Book Review Effortlessly MAKE AN Extra $5000 A Month Providing Electronic Item ON AMAZON!!!

Effortlessly MAKE AN Extra $5000 A Month Providing Electronic Item ON AMAZON!!!


– My web site can assistance you make a complete time cash flow providing on Amazon. com!!!

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  1. process is covered by the patent office not the copy-rite office so do your homework there before you publish if using a technique from it to,make sure.

  2. Nice idea for a way to sell pre-made content. Another that I've just started looking into is selling public domain works- digital versions of old classic books. 

  3. Thanks for the great video.  Also, thanks for sharing the info. about Kindle Publishing Pro.  You are absolutely correct, the software makes publishing a snap.  Otherwise, publishing to the Kindle is a nightmare.  Check your link to the software as I didn't see it.  Thanks again!!!

  4. WOW! Well this was a great video! And here we are again 3 months before Christmas! This is going to be a great business!!!

  5. Your link to Kindle Publishing Pro no longer works. It now says "Bad Gateway". Can you give another link to it?

  6. great information, although the recipe pictures are copy righted so you still need to get free none copy righted pictures to make it. 

  7. You're the REAL DEAL Kam…. I'm sooo thankful I came across your channel!
    I've watched it from front to back twice…. Great job and Great info…
    Gotta get back to making recipe books…
    Goal is 100 by New Years….
    You Rock ZeroFatz!!

  8. Thanks for the info.  My question is this:  Would it be beneficial or even possible to simply download an ebook from bigproductstore and then upload through KindlePublishingPro?  Seems like a copyright issue but you get the rights through big product store.  What are your opinions on this?

  9. wow your videos are very helpful for any one trying to get out of the 9 to 5 cycle.Thanks man

  10. Thank you, you have given a lot in 12 minutes and helped me immensley
    Margaret from Down Under Brisbane Oz

  11. I hear if you use BookTango they upload to lots of places like (and including) Amazon and do the formatting for you?

  12. I honestly don't feel that Kindle formatting is that hard. Word 2013 and some very basic knowledge of how to create hyperlinks and that's it. What took me a little longer to figure out was to make a slightly better than average cover for each book. But even Word can do that for you and there are videos on Youtube to teach you. I know do it on Photoscape, which is a free program.

  13. Are you approve in grocery &food?Yes amazon does tell you but not really, I don't have wholesale receipt. I've already been denied once, summited store receipt. My rating number 99.9 out of 100. 100% good feedback. If you know how to get approved in the grocery & food category? I will gladly subscribe to the your site.

  14. I got here because of the Christmas tree hahaha The season as almost with us, wish you all the best as early as now 🙂

  15. hay man cheers for the videos just started doing my own after watching yours videos, but i want to ask, whats the deal with copying the pictures that is with the recipe??? is that ok or is that copyrighted?? and is having a picture really a big dea?? cheers man hope to hear back soon

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I published my first book today, Nov. 29, 2015. I ran across your videos about two weeks ago and thought I'd try it. I'll keep you updated. Thanx

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