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Eldritch Horror review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. Sadly, they are not all new investigators although they use new artwork for them. They are all culled from Arkham Horror and all it's expansions. That aside, this game is going on m must-have list.

  2. I agree on all the points. I have no issues with the dice. You win some, you lose some, all part of the game. We unpacked, sleeved the cards and sorted it all out, read the rules and played the first game for 2 players in about 4,5-5 hours all together. Next game will be alot faster, more probably 3 hours. We read out loud all the flavor texts of course since they are a nice part of the game, and that added playtime but heightened the experience.

    We only managed to close one single gate and the game ended with us solving the last mystery. Although, with 11 gates on the map, and the doomtrack on 2, we were too late. The two corresponging gates got the doom to zero, awakened Azatoth who threw the world into burning inferno.

    It was such a rewarding game that we did not care one bit that we lost. It was that good!

  3. Good day to you Nick.  Not a sequel, glad you liked the previous titles.  It is significantly better than Arkham Horror in my opinion.  I like your rough pronunciations, at least you tried, I just nickname all my gods lol.  On a side note, overall a great video.

  4. When you mentioned the guy who designed Mansions of Madness designed one of my favorite games I almost spit my coffee all over my monitor.  

  5. Many thanks for posting this review – I've just watched and enjoyed it four years later. Many of these investigators featured in Arkham Horror and this gives a feeling of continuity but, having been developed to fit the changed game mechanics, they also feel more adventurous and less arcane. So both new and not new. Whilst the arcane element is essential for me I like the fast pace of this game and these investigators fill their roles there well.

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