Home Gadget Review eleven Finest VR Headsets!

eleven Finest VR Headsets!


Oculus Rift stacks up vs HTC Vive vs PlayStation VR vs Samsung Gear VR vs Microsoft HoloLens vs ZEISS VR A person vs Sulon Q vs LG 360 VR vs Homido vs Razer OSVR and Google Cardboard!

Best eleven Finest VR – Digital Actuality Headsets in 2016!!!

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#eleven.Google Cardboard
#10.Razer OSVR
#eight.LG 360 VR
#7.Sulon Q
#six.ZEISS VR A person
#5.Microsoft HoloLens
#four.Samsung Gear VR
#3.PlayStation VR
#two.HTC Vive
#1.Oculus Rift

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  1. My s7 edge gets hot using Oculous, would not use it while charging.Hope later Oculous devices improve thier lens quality

  2. Idiot puts vive THEN oculus. Your brain is working backwards my man. You don't even get hand controllers with it. If anything, it is 2nd or 3rd (I think 2nd).

  3. Can anyone tell me this? I've gotten my 4 boys the Samsung Gear VR Headset. I'm not very knowledgeable about the VR's or the accessories for the headset. Each of my sons has a Apple iPhone 7 or 7s and I would like to bye headphones for them to but one of the boys said that since their iPhone is made by Apple, there are no compatible headphones to use with a Samsung VR headset with a Apple iPhone. Is this true? If it is, then hopefully Apple will come out soon with headphones that are compatible with the VR headsets. If this is not true, can you steer me into the right direction or tell me which ones are compatible? Thanks for your help

  4. OKULARION just got launched on Kickstarter. It's a wireless all-in-one Mixed Reality (AR & VR) headset for $200.

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