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Elisabetta Bergamini – Bad hotel again? Find your perfect match!


Bad hotel again? Find your perfect match!
[EuroPython 2018 – Talk – 2018-07-25 – PyCharm [PyData]]
[Edinburgh, UK]

By Elisabetta Bergamini

For most travellers, online reviews play a major role when it comes to choosing which hotel to stay in. But can we actually trust a hotel review? And if yes, how can we select which are the most meaningful and interesting for us among the billions available in platforms such as Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Facebook (just to mention a few)?
For 10 years now, at TrustYou we have built processes that analyze terabytes of hotel reviews at a global scale, and strive to understand what people complain about or like in the hotels worldwide.
Dealing with a huge amount of reviews written in tens of different languages – each having its own subtle shades of meanings – is the challenge we work on everyday. In this talk, we will show what goes on behind the scenes of the TrustYou Metareview and dive into the technologies and the algorithms that allow us to provide travellers with all the information they need to find the perfect hotel.

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