Home Website Review Elishops – reviews! Is elishops.com scam or legit website with cheap products?

Elishops – reviews! Is elishops.com scam or legit website with cheap products?


If you have coupon code for elishops.com or you find something cheap on this store, don’t rush to buy – firstly you should watch reviews! My video will help you find out whether Elishops is scam or legit shop!
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  1. Just had a reloading product for reloading ammunition for guns found on this site for half the price I’ve normally seen it for. Also it is the only one I have found in stock. Glad I saw you video though as it seems an awful lot like a scam so I’m not pulling the trigger on it!

  2. Was looking at a 3000 watt Pizza oven – Elishops had it listed for 1/3 the price I paid a couple of weeks ago. No response to my emails. Thank you for this video – it saved me $100

  3. Major Scam has a 300 dollar coffee maker for $94.00 ?? Be prepared to be robbed! Sites operates out of China according to their contact form. FAKE

  4. wow they got me i bought a nordictrack t 65 s treadmill from them for $94.99 and I have not heard from them since it's been about 5 days from today 4/11/2020… wow I don't no what to do … CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME ON THIS PLEASE.

  5. Hey scamfinder I was looking on this website called plumplaza for a 50 dollar monitor if you could respond to me and tell me if it’s fake or not that would be great btw I love your vids

  6. Wish I see this video before I ordered. I just got scam by this site for a kids play house. Sent me a fake ups delivery invoice I'm trying to get my money back via paypal $85

  7. I purchased Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove from this website April 3rd 2020. PayPal sent me a email wanting to know if I received the item and gave me a UPS tracking number that says it was delivered on April 7. The driver says he released the package to the front door mat. The package weighed 1.3 pounds.The actual weight is over 14 pounds. PayPal denied my complaint and gave no reason.When I contacted UPS they told me that the name and address on the shipping label was not readable and guessed at it. I have filed a complaint with the BBB against UPS and PayPal. Now I can't even get into there store. They must have blocked me some how.

  8. I closed my PayPal account because of this. I think they are working the scam together. I think PayPal should check the back grounds of some of their employees.

  9. Last month I bought a "bread machine" from this site. After searching Google this website popped up and I paid via paypal. Within a few hours my bank called me and said someone made a purchase at Neimen Marcus for $1800 dollars and also purchased a pizza in NYC for $300! The bank had no choice but to closeout my card because of this. This freaked us out because with the Coronavirus happening we need to be able to run if we need to and need funds to do so. The persons name who made the purchases was Neugyne. So obviously Chinese last name. Be very careful. I tried to look up the website just now and they blocked me. Paypal is working with these individuals to give them your bank account and credit card numbers. I tried reaching out to Paypal and they are closed "due to Coronavirus". Which is bull as It always happens that when Paypal is used with these websites they steal your information!

  10. It seems prices offered are always under $100. Seems legit because they are in partnership with Pay Pal. Once you pay, you are provided a UPS tracking number which is actually an Amazon shipment, but not to you. Elishops (contact@elishops.com) will not respond to emails. Pay Pal will deny your claim after several weeks of waiting, saying the tracking number says the item was delivered. Elishops is a scam and Pay Pal does not investigate.

  11. Wish I saw your video before. Purchasing a toy for my preschooler. The hot wheels coaster cost $230-400 regularly but elishop had it for $99.94.i just thought it was coming directly from manufacture so there was no markup cost. Unfortunately the email cont as it the provided me was no good. I bought from website using PayPal protection and am still fighting to dispute and trying to get my refund

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