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Engadget Live – Drunk Tech Review


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Mischa crashes Engadget Live event in Los Angeles in style. And by in style we mean getting wasted and talking about the latest and greatest in technology. Mischa shares his favorite products from the event.

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  1. You have won yourself another subscriber with your excellent videos, You're fucking awsome Mischa! 

  2. so I've been watching this ever since drunk paper airplanes and just finally got to watch one drunk…..ITS AWESOME! haha plus keep the breathalyzer in the videos, makes for a little validation for the fans. 

  3. "See you around the bend"?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Mischa eventhough i love you the show is not as exciting if its just you, the conversations make it it entertaining.

  5. Are you going to review the one+ one phone one of my buddies got one and it would be great to hear what you think!

  6. Your videos are the best! They add comedy and information- something that isn't easy to do. Keep up the good work.

  7. Just wondering why you mention the Huawei ascend mate 7 is only 300 dollars unlocked…but every review site including endgadget themselves lost it around 800 dollars? That's a pretty big difference? Can you give any sources or links for this info? Thanks fellas much appreciated

  8. So did Kong get a modbot with the hands-free hand job attachment?  Now he won't have to sit on his hand until it's numb.

  9. Also… to echo others here…. 'see you around the bend.' — it doesn't feel right without it.  DO IT!

  10. I think you as well as your guests should do an alcotest by the end of each episode to see who drunk the most, it's also reassurance for viewers that you are not putting on an act and actually reviewing tech how it should be done, drunk that is 😀
    Looking forward to more videos, also is Simple Pickup coming back on the show with you in the future episodes?

  11. This was great! The drunk meter at the end though… What's the scale? The lower the score the more drunk you are? Or vice versa?

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