Home Movie Review Episode #16 (Wonder Woman movie review, Politics, Religion, Kids)

Episode #16 (Wonder Woman movie review, Politics, Religion, Kids)


Hey beautiful people, it’s good ta see ya again :). Episode #16 of the podcast is up here, and on iTunes, and Google Play, and on your favorite podcast app. This episode is a doosey! It’s the big Religion and Politics episode, where I briefly talk about why I will probably never talk about either of those topics on the show, ever, except for today, in this episode, where I talk about both, but only a little bit. :). Never fear though, it’s not all serious or anything. I also give my review of the new Wonder Woman movie, and another movie called The Great Wall, and I do the usual segments talking about what’s going with me in my life, and something I bought recently, what group of people I’m labeling as assholes this week, and all the rest of it. So thanks again for listening, and please don’t forget to subscribe, and give the show a five star rating on iTunes, and tell your friends about the show, oh, and if you haven’t yet, pick up a copy of the book. But most of all, just try to smile a whole bunch, because smiles are the best. :). Enjoy
Gotham Steel Double Grill

“Doubt” Mary J Blige

A documentary everyone should watch

The Book-

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