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Erinn’s Book Review: The Earth’s Children Series


This is my book review although a little scatter-brained on the Earth’s Children Series by Jean M. Auel.

Book 1: The Clan of the Cave Bear
Book 2: The Valley of Horses
Book 3: The Mammoth Hunters
Book 4: The Plains of Passage
Book 5: The Shelters of Stone
Book 6: The Land of Painted Caves

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  1. @sky792 Thanks! I'm still waiting to get mine back from the library (the 4th book), and I hear you about the addiction! It's such a good series!!!

  2. Nice review of Jean Auel's books (her last name pronouned "Owl"). Just for your info you can purchase all 6 books (unabridged) in audio format (mp3) from Amazon.com (.ca) for about $125.00 these are performed by Sandra Burr and in my opinion she does an amazing job, bringing the series to life. Highly recommend them, actually am listening to them for the eighth time now. Running time (non stop) 7 days and a bit. 8 gig stick will hold all 6 books, so good for the mp3 player for long drives. TNT-*

  3. I started the series in H.s. in about 86.I stole the first two books from our library.I got caught reading the last one and got wrote up for 1st time in 17 yrs on the job.I've read the entire series except the last,at least a half doz. times over the decades now.Ayla is a Goddess!

  4. Uhhh… I'm pretty sure the plains of passage is the 4th book not the 3rd! The mammoth hunters is the 3rd!

  5. actually it was published in December 21, 1985 i wasn't born back then but the person who wrote it on Wikipedia did xD
    i read only few books and now i'm reading the mammoth hunters as you said it's really good so far, but i didn't like the details about her like she spent pages just describing her, her big blue eyes her long golden hair and keeps going on and on and i didn't like that tbh

  6. oh btw is their any movie about it? cuz the story is amazing and i'd love to watch movie if their is any.

  7. Good review of the first few books.

    I grew up reading COTCB and VOH; TMH came out shortly thereafter. POP came out later and that's where it started going downhill. The massive amounts of description on every possible topic gets old fast. Example: it gives the complete life cycle of grass 2 or 3 times. She alternates between this, them having sex, & back again, then has them meet some people a few times along the way.

  8. If you haven't read them already, STOP READING after POP!

    The last two books suck, the final one being virtually unreadable. They're like the last Indiana Jones- just try to forget it ever happened. Auel has said that she wrote the final books for herself & not the readers and you can tell. SOS has 862,413 different characters, but 98+% are irrelevant. If you enjoy reading hundreds of pages describing very similar caves you'll love LOPC, otherwise skip it. Shame how the series ended up. 🙁

  9. Only the last one sucked, i very much enjoyed SOS, but did not like POP. If your going to read LOPC cause you feel you have to, just read the first 3 chapters and the last 3 chapters.

  10. There is a movie on YouTube but it's only the first book the clan if the cave bear. I'm currently reading the third one it's the plains of passage. I love it soo far.

  11. One correction, "the others" ayla race… is us.. modern humans, they are equal to us in everything, the neanderthals is a different human species that become extinc, but not without leave some hybrids which then they mix into our population (except africa), now we all have a 4% of neanderthals DNA. As Jean Auel predicted 40 years back.

    Ah you hear about the new The clan of the cave bear TV series that are filming?

  12. They made a movie if the first book in 1986/87… My eldest niece was named for the main character (Ayla)…

  13. If you are going to do book reviews know what you are going to say before you press RECORD. After THE PLAINS OF PASSAGE the series really goes down hill

  14. I started reading THE SHELTERS OF STONE in 2003 and still have to read 200 pages before I finish it. I really lost interest in it that much. In it Ayla just goes around sorting out the clans individual problems and it is soooo boring and dragged out

  15. The dark carver made me so mad, how could he claim to love her, and do what he did? The head man of the mammoth camp made me laugh, "he would have her if he had to co-mate with 10 men"

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