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Every Harry Potter Movie & Book Ranked From Worst to Best


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  1. My favourite is the book HP and the Deathly Hallows because

    Battle of Hogwarts
    Deathly Hallows
    Characters growing and maturize
    Characters journie
    Neviles bravery
    Arianas death explained
    Harrys friends dedicate to him
    Voldemort humiliated (i mean he dies in front of all the students)
    Harrys and Ginnys relation
    Rons and Hermione relation

    And there is MUCH MUCH MORE

  2. As someone who has yet to read the books (will read them soon) when it comes to the films, my fave is 'Prisoner of Azkaban' because I somehow got the feel HP overall became more mature and darker. Also, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Nuff said.
    Second on my list is the fourth film, which was interesting cuz we were introduced to bunch of new things.
    And third on the list is the fifth film. I mean the battles/duels… Aaand Umbridge… Damn I despise her.

  3. All of the books are before the movies on my list. I just like them more. But then I also love the order of the Phoenix book so everybody seems to have a different taste

  4. 1.Prisoner of Azkaban
    2.Order of the Phoenix
    3. Half blood prince
    4. Goblet of fire
    5. Deathly hallows part 2
    6. Chamber of secrets
    7. Deathly hallows part 1
    8. Philosopher stone film

  5. Books: Prisoner of Azkaban
    2. Half blood prince
    3. Deathly Hallows
    4. Goblet of fire
    5. Philosophers stone
    6. Order of the Phoenix
    7. Chamber of secrets

  6. I think its kind of funny that you're favorite movie being the Order of the Phoenix was probably my least favorite movie lol.

  7. Why is popular to hate on The cursed child, literally everybody says its bad but its rly not. Whats the deal woth Voldemort and bella, like why r yall upset about it

  8. My favourite books

    1. Deathly hallows
    2. Order of the phoenix
    3. Half blood prince
    4. Prisoner of azkaban
    5. Chamber of secrets
    6. Philosophers stone
    7. Goblet of fire

  9. My favourite film and book is The Prisoner of azkaban. I just feel like they have the most Drama

  10. My fav book: Goblet of Fire
    My least fav book: Order of Phoenix

    My fav movie: Order of Phoenix
    My least fav movie: Goblet of Fire

  11. I agree but my #1Is The deathly hallows book Because It was My last book it made me cry because I finished all the harry potters

  12. I hated the 3rd one when i first saw it but now it's not that bad 😀😀

  13. i think that the only thing that frustrates me about this list is how the order of the phoenix book is placed and the comment of how the battle in the department of mysteries was better in the movie, because in the movie while simpler I think that it is much more interesting in the book and has more depth than running down a hall of predictions and fighting, I mean, Ron almost gets chocked by a brain monster.

  14. I actually really enjoyed the Chamber of Secrets movie. It was quiet true to the book. Especially the extended edition which included more about the hufflepuff kids like Justin and Hannah.

  15. My least favorite book is deathly hallows part 2

    bc it had ended the whole series😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  16. My favorite book was the goblet of fire bc it was so detailed and really brought out the storyline

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