Home Hotel Review Excalibur Buffet (Vegas) Saturday Brunch on a One-Day Pass : Full Review & Tips

Excalibur Buffet (Vegas) Saturday Brunch on a One-Day Pass : Full Review & Tips


Excalibur buffet prices and hours: https://top-buffet.com/excalibur-vegas-review-all-you-can-eat/ — Cheapest Buffets in Vegas on expensive weekends: https://top-buffet.com/cheap-vegas-buffets-weekend/ – Vegas buffets under 10 dollars: https://top-buffet.com/cheapest-buffets-las-vegas/

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  1. Why do I always catch your videos when I'm hungry!? I think your part of a conspiracy! lol Enjoy seeing these videos, wish there was someone that did that for My area.

  2. do you have to have a room in each hotel to be able to get the buffet? Im going in January and was planning on going to as many different ones as possible.

  3. We had the same experience – re it getting better after remodel and then went down hill dramatically after that. It's sad since it had a lot of potential immediately after the renovation. We also found several items that were mis-labled "gluten free" (chef giving us the tour immediately fixed it when we asked questions though)

  4. Great info… I went here as well and thought it was only fair… definitely a skip if you are visiting and want to use the most of your time. I noted that people genuinely hated this place. I posted a video on the a video on this as well and had some horror stories coming back from the comments. Anyhow, love your videos. Cheers.

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