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Excalibur Evaluations – Clive Barker’s Undying


When Patrick Galloway is known as again to Ireland by his old mate Jeremiah, an unholy journey awaits him.
This underappreciated shooter is however value a appear, and Excalibur Evaluations will convey to you why.

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  1. I loved this game, but I felt that about half way though the game took a nose dive, big time.

    It seemed to abandon it's creepy atmosphere and then go straight toward "Generic fps" terrority , mainly when you get into the "vine" part of the game.

  2. Hmm… the graphics seems to be from the late 90's. Not as bad as PS1, but not as good as PS2… so, sort of on the "Dreamcast-level" of graphics, maybe? XP

  3. I'd say around 20-25 hours or so. I played it over the space of a few days so I can't say for sure, but its around 20-25 hours. I took a bit longer because I like exploring my environments.

    Fantastic game!

  4. Love the game, not keen on the review. One example: When Galloway says "Little did I know I'd become known as Patrick Galloway…" you edited off the part where he continues to say something like "…supernatural investigator."

    If you're going to review don't play tricks.

  5. Oh, you were afraid of the monastery? Damn, you hadn't even gotten to the catacombs yet… Or Aaron… Jesus Christ… Aaron…

  6. nah, not exactly afraid, more like nervous, which was kinda strange because i can handle games like Daggerfall, AvP, Amnesia, Thief or STALKER which has way scarier atmosphere just fine.

  7. hahaha there is no horror game that can beat this one NO ONE!! who says otherwise is a dumb who loves playing crysis and other liniar games

  8. EA what happened to you? i miss the old you, the pre 2008 you. you used to be involved with such memorable and absolutely outstanding games that still hold up today, but now it's all about nickel and diming and rushing out a mediocre product that isnt even finished. oh how the mighty have fallen.

  9. thse graphics where amazing at the time .. and i hadnt a clue what to do in the game .. but i liked it soooo much :d

  10. My favorite horror themed FPS will always be Blood. Sure the graphics are dated because it's running on Duke 3d's build engine, but the atmosphere, music and game play can't be beat. Made by 3d Realms. Check it here: watch?v=TGFpzJKDPX8

  11. blood was made by monolith. same people who did condemned and f.e.a.r. blood was originally going to be made by 3d realms but they sold the rights to monolith so they could work on shadow warrior.

  12. Production started at 3D realms, but they let Monolith finish the game for them and publish it.

  13. That's why you see such quality in the game, thanks to 3D realms magic touch. now look at Blood 2 made entirely by Monolith and it ain't worth a squirt of piss.

  14. Clive Barker's undying is prolly the best PC game ever. It very well deserves a remake. If they do a remake it would be one of the scariest games of all time espeacially when u get the human heart. OMG that part was creepy as hell. We all need to demand a remake of this game

  15. I had this game when I was 10 or so and never had the courage to finish it… Coming back 8 years later…

  16. I wrote an e-mail to the developers 'The Astronauts', that made the incredible new game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 2014. I asked them to consider remaking Undying for their next project. With the Unreal 3 engine, I can only imagine how ridiculously good that game will look, feel and play. Especially with the talent that folks at the The Astronauts have! Not sure if my e-mail will get through, but hopefully it will be read and considered. Hint Some of you might wanna put your two cents in as well to them 🙂 Hell, they can't think it wouldn't be a good game to redo! It would put them on the map both for, having the balls to actually remake a classic, and if done correctly, being THE best Horror game ever made. PERIOD!! What do you say folks? Undying – The Return sounds like a good title, eh?

  17. This review actually made me laugh! Great job! Plus you definitely sold me on the game, I'll probably buy it right now.

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