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Excalibur Hotel and Casino Reopening Tour (is it worth it?)


In this video I tour Las Vegas’s Excalibur Hotel and Casino amid reopening from the coronavirus lockdown!

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  1. Hey! Really appreciate all you for watching the video please hit the like button to help push the video out to more people if you enjoyed it 🙏🏼 and have a good rest of your day stay healthy!!

  2. Nice vlog / you have a knack for making really good videos that keep a persons interest / I have looked at hundreds of LV videos and yours is one of the very best / we live in Cal and have family in the motion picture industry / you should make many new vlogs because you have the gift of movie making / Thanks

  3. This is where I stay…rates are great…always get 4 comp nights…yes I know it’s not the best but it works for me…

  4. I will be there in a few weeks. Stayed there before. Got one night comped and the 2nd for $16. Plus resort fees.

  5. At this point, even cheaper rooms don't seem too alluring. You have to go to vegas to only gamble. The buffets and entertainment are closed. That's a big reason to go to vegas. Many states have a casino if people need a fix. I'd hope there is much more action and reopenings by the holidays.

  6. Thanks a lot. That’s my go to hotel for my yearly Vegas trip. So yea I think I’ll wait til it is fully renovated….subscribed from 🇨🇦👍

  7. Thanks for the great vlog. Excalibur used to be amazing when it first opened in the 90’s. Stayed there at least 10 times. The rooms had a medieval theme that was kinda cool. Sad to see how dirty it is now. But it’s a nice location.

  8. ​Someone built a duplicate of my vault, then made a tape of them robbing it. When we saw them putting money in those bags, that wasn't actually happening.

  9. as most people know, Excalibur was built during the Family Friendly phase which didnt last long at all. This casino is in serious need of a makeover/rebranding. Hotel Transylvania? (dracula) Game of Thrones? something darker and themed with today's crowd.

  10. Thank you for the content and good vibes keep em coming im going out to vegas beginning of july

  11. Hey, I just discover this video. I have a question for you – "As long as you don't use their Gym Room – did you get your Resort Fee money back on your Credit Card?"

  12. This was a good video bro! I stayed here these last 2 days and everything you said on point! Even about that "guy" smoking 2 feet away lol. I was doing that, when I left I noticed the sign and was like "FML"

  13. Congratulations on moving to Las Vegas. I admire your move and taking a shot at Vegas. Good luck.

  14. I really appreciate the video and info about how it is right now in Vegas, I booked a trip literally the day before everything shut down so I have flight credits and was refunded and plan on going back ASAP! From the looks of it in your video I'm willing to wait a couple more months to go, I think everything is still going to be pretty cheap. By the way, I got.a question for ya but want to DM you on IG instead of asking here if ya don't mind. I'm @scott_free973 , thanks!

  15. They hope you wont care or complain. Your mother is correct. I stayed in one of jacuzzi suites. They are old. Great video. You can tell Casey was your inspiration like you said. Cheers

  16. Good video Pompsie! Are there some craps tables open there? You think there will be a second lockdown?

  17. Thank's For Checking Everything Out……I'm Gonna Wait Awhile Before Going To Vegas….

  18. That first room was nasty…. glad they upgraded you with the tub… thanks for the content !

  19. I enjoyed the video ,but was waiting to see if you would show the pool shop and to see if it was opened too? Thanks

  20. My first trip to Vegas they had just started the groundwork on the Excalibur… Should I move to Vegas then 😂 talk about cheap…I could have bought dirt for next to nothing that is now Henderson

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