Home Hotel Review Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (Royal Luxury Suite 28128) Room Tour 21st November 2019

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (Royal Luxury Suite 28128) Room Tour 21st November 2019


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  1. Not a bad room at all, except that amateurish TV set-up as you said. I've stayed at Exalibur 2x and have never had a problem with it. Has a nice bit of character to it and since it's the only MLife property (as of now) that offers me any real comps, I'll probably stay again, lol.

  2. Very nice Suite, with a great view, we had almost the same view, when we stayed @ Excalibur in a Royal Tower Queen Room 25134 in August on a similar comp & loved it!!
    Our room

    Like 258

  3. At 2:22 the little plastic bottles of shampoo can be seen.
    The state of Commiefornia, next to Nevada, will ban the little plastic hotel shampoo bottles next year.
    The state Governor, in effect, declared that the use of the little plastic bottles will cause the entire universe to collapse into a gigantic black hole.
    So, Matt Bridger will no longer be able to shampoo his long hair dreadlocks in hotels.

  4. I've had some good luck at the Excalibur. I noticed that they replaced all the gaming tables and chairs with brand new ones the last time I was in town in June. Those old tables were in bad shape. So many cigarette burns and drink spill stains. I would still never stay there though. So many better options.

  5. That’s an update from 5 years ago? Looks like they only changed the tv. Everything else looks older

  6. That’s my favorite hotel in Vegas. I’ve stayed at Circus Circus, The Strat, The Luxor, and Excalibur. I would love to stay at the other hotels. I’m going in June

  7. If I had a free room like that with comps I’d have no complaints even if something was wrong. Nice video.

  8. I would kill to see Excalibur Luxor mgm etc on their opening days! But still love these 90s properties

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