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excalibur hotel room review * FTD travel reviews *


just a fun little video about our room (cheap room) in Lasvegas at the excalibur.I cant comment on the Nicer rooms.They have widescreen rooms and suites also.Our was a standard room.
One of the guests was paying 22 dollars a night for 5 nights,
I dont care where you are thats an awesome price.

the tournament of kings was fun and worth seeing food was good,whole chicken and some veg and bread..and PEPSI only , booze is available.adults seemed a little stuck up in there. hard to get grown ups to suspend reality for the show….its knights jousting!! where are you gonna see this ever…get in to it! its cool. Kids would love it

you are not aloud to take cameras in so this is someone elses video below

thunder from down under is at this hotel too, bet we did not see it….thats alot of competition…lol

staff was friendly,cleaners did their job, its an old well used hotel. there are much nicer hotels on the strip and some did not cost much more at all.

Beds 2 queens I think, they were super comfy.I wanted to steal them…..but im sure they would have noticed that.

getting around:if you dont like walking there is the bus, 7 dollars for 24hrs great deal, they run every few mins. If you like to walk bring good walking shoes….ladies forget the stupid pretty shoes..walking shoes:)

Vegas is fun weather you go on a budget or with trillions to blow we did it cheap and had a blast.
avoid the sales people no eyecontact with them….REALLY NONE…read the blogg below..good stuff in there
some math to help on your timeshare dilemma
check it out and subscribe:

there are deals to be had in vegas…just look around
as we find them we will let you know
so subscribe and rate thanks

filmed on moviepix mp5a4 720p

http://www.youtube.com/user/myrtorp soundtrack

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