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Excalibur Las Vegas Room Review 4K


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  1. Heading there in June on honeymoon, any place u recommended we go to see or eat would be helpful. Liked and subscribed 😀

  2. Great video as always. Staying at the Excalibur in May in the Royal Tower. Looking forward to the other videos coming

    Happy Birthday btw

  3. Your Vegas videos are top notch. Looking forward to the strip walk and your other walkthroughs. Keep on keeping on!

  4. We are staying in Excalibur royal tower room in Feb so this is great thank you so much hope your enjoyed your trip

  5. Happy birthday!  I like Excalibur, never stayed there but did go to the "Tournament of Kings" show a couple of years ago. You may be able to see the Bluegreen 360 resort which is behind the MGM on Tropicana ave.  My wifes sister has a timeshare she let us use the last 2 years.  The place is really nice and has a full kitchen so we're able to do a lot of our own food to save money.

  6. Awesome. My family and I stayed a week in vegas for christmas week. split out stay first four days in The Mirage and the rest at Excalibur. I spend a lot of time walking from excal to luxor to mb, im pretty sure you already know this. Man your vegas videos make me wanna go back. We did get an offer recently to stay a few nights at Wynn/Encore.

  7. Happy birthday, we stayed at the Excalibur for 9 days back in 2009 facing NYNY & MGM. They gave you a nice up dated room & with a great view, congrats.

  8. Excalibur has decent rooms. Good service and down to earth prices. Being as big as this place is they could charge a lot more than they do. I prefer tower two mountain view.

  9. Hope you had a great birthday. Love your walk through videos, definately the best ive seen. Hope theres some more to come. All the best

  10. I am staying in a resort tower king room when i go in April.It looks basic but I am not bothered as long as it has a decent shower and view.

  11. u have an awesome voice,videos r the best,very instructional as we walk around vegas,& your mature manners are BEAUTIFUL!..praise to your mother.

  12. How did you manage to get it for $19 a night? Did you have discount? Normally those are like $50. Or did you just get lucky?

  13. Hope you had a great birthday. I stayed at Excalibur twice and it looks like they have fixed up the rooms a lot since the early 2000's.

  14. Nice video, but here’s a tip, please equalize and tone down the volume for the intro, it almost destroyed my lil eardrums

  15. Omg i had the scariest experience at excalibur. It was the 2nd hotel ive been to in vegas. We booked a 3 night in a standard room and the first night we walked in around 1am from the casino slots. Me and my friends were tired so we just sat lazily on the bed and watch tv. Then suddenly my friend felt something like hair touching him and I said its probably just spider webs. Then an hour later i fell asleep but my friend was still up watching tv and texting his gf. Next thing i remember i was woke up by my friend shaking me, i was exhausted and he told me he heard knocking next to his bed post and i thought maybe its jus old furniture or someone next door making noise. But he had that serious face that it was right next to him so i got kinda little scared in my head…. a ghost? I didnt want to be quick to jump to assumptions, so i just told him to go to sleep and keep the tv on. And we did. The 2nd night we came back early around 9pm because we were so tired walking all day looking at all the other casinos and free events around. I was in the shower first the first minute we got back. While i was shampooing my hair i thought i heard my friend knocking on the door, only thing was it wasnt him!!! When i walked out i told him "what do you want?" He was confused because i thought he was knocking on the door. I told him that. He said no it wasnt him and was freaked out and went shower. I was pretty spooked too when he said he didnt knock on the door, he thought it was me too! When we finally sat on each of our own bed we went on playing games on our laptop. During gaming we heard like things moving around the room, but we were not sure so we just continued our game. Then we heard like walking in the room, like literally around in OUR room and not from the other people's rooms. We stopped and looked around, nothing. Then the tap water from the kitchen sink slowly starts pouring a small stream, i quickily walked over to turned it off. I was a little shook and force myself to believe its jus a faulty sink needing maintenance. We played til like 3am and was tired so i closed my laptop and went to pee. He went to the attached-kitchen side and grabbed a drink of water. When i came out we had like a few min conversation laughing at memories at the kitchen counter, then suddenly we heard something knock off the table in the bathroom. We went to check and dumbfoundly saw the sample moisturizer bottle on the ground that was in the basket and we never used it!!! At that moment we became true believers and knew this gotta be something paranormal because no way could it hav fallen off when we has never even touch it once there. It was sitting FAR from the edge and right next to the mirror where the basket was! We were so scared we took the pillows and blankets and slept on the ground by the window side where the AC was at together. We slept fast that night fortunately. The next night we never showed up we just left to mgm grand hotel and complained to the staff theres some spooky stuff in that room and she told us people had report the same thing in the first few end rooms on that floor too!!! I thought all those little stuff were just us being paranoid, but hearing stories from the staff just made it more real! I remember one story she told us about a women got hair tug and pushed out of nowhere that she never came back to her room and that jus gives us a big no no booking anymore rooms on that floor. Omg next time make sure ask if ur room is haunted!! Dont take rooms at the far end of floor 7!! Scariest time of my life in vegas. Caution, dont take any rooms on floor 7 end! Believe it or not if u want. Just warning you if u dont want scary things to happen to u like it did to us!

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