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Excalibur Opinions – Willy Beamish


The Adventures of Willy Beamish was a cartoon journey recreation that allow you reside daily life as a nine year previous boy all above all over again. Excalibur Opinions explain to you what you want to know.

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  1. "… Sister? Other Sister? Dog? Nooo!"

    You are awesome. Can't wait for another one.

  2. pretty close. I mean, consider other FMV games like Sewer Shark or … what's that one about the Knight named Dirk or some shit. But, anyways, on the sega cd (and maybe on pc the 'tab' key) had a button you would press to cycle through interactive objects in the room.

    Most don't know it seems (in sega cd) if you get home early, some way to avoid the coach or bully, and go to briana's room, you help her "not fall from her bed" and lower your trouble meter.

  3. i tried Willy beamish once but i thought it was kinda crap and sold it. but Willy's mom looked hot with those leopard pants 😛

  4. i only had the sega cd version; the pc version looks a bit different.. new scenes, but crappier music.

  5. I read that comment thinking "oh this person knows their shit." and realized I wrote it. Also – I can't believe that I didn't put dragon's lair. I can beat that game in like 5 minutes.

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