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Excalibur Reviews – Devil May Cry 2


Devil May Cry 2 was released with expectations high, but was mysteriously not developed by the team who worked on the original game. Can it live up to the original?

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  1. @FlyThruDAir no he was not and neither were team little devils this was made by a whole new group of people…which as you can see didn't really work out that well

  2. Thank you so much for this review! Your review of the first Devil May Cry made me buy the game as soon as I saw it at a local game store for 5 dollars. The first DMC is very good, and I'm glad that you've given some examples of why DMC2 is a dissapointing sequel.

  3. @Comptech224 DMC3 is far too good a game to review. However, we do intend to review a game featuring Dante again…

  4. @ExcaliburBrothers We've been talking over DMC3 agiain, and may in fact do a review yet.

  5. Well…. with the shitty reboot DMC game, it doesn't seem like we will get one. Even worse, Dante is ruined in that game, and it's developed by Ninja Theory…… in other words – Capcom not only hate their fans, but they even go as far as kicking them in their groins…

  6. I hope this game will be violently butchered when it's released so we will after that get a new PROPER Devil May Cry game, taking place in the already established continuity.
    Who knows? That crapfest hasn't been released for like, 2 years already. We might be lucky and it won't even be released. Oh, and they should take down Ninja Theory for good while their at it, for even thinking about to insult the DMC fans this much.

    Well… to their credits – even though Dante's entire head features looks all wrong in DmC; I personally like his outfit.
    But yeah… like I said – Capcom seems to hate their fans nowadays. Why else would they make Pacman look like shit in Street Fighter VS Tekken? 😛

  8. Yeah – that's just odd. But oh well – I am sure we will in the game get a forced, contrived, stupid and cheap explanation why he has it…… or not any explanation at all. 😛 LOL

  9. Trust me…. so am I. As a huge fan of Devil May Cry, I've even managed to forcefully find a charm with the anime (dispyte me hating it with a passion before). But this new reboot… I can not describe how hard I try to even remotely like it. >.<

  10. Worst thing is that Ninja Theory knows all too well we are upset. They are just either too mentally challenged to care or they are actually intentionally trolling us with this reboot.

  11. Not sure that would work though…. demons and zombies mixed into the same continuity, when they haven't been both encountered before? Wouldn't make much sense. Dante and Leon…. no, can't say that seems the least bit interesting to me.

  12. Sounds too contrived and silly to me. :/ I rather just have a proper new DMC title…. which we won't appearantly get, but anyway.

  13. Devil May Cry is silly? Sure, it's not perfect – but that's a pretty dumb excuse to make a pointless crossover with Leon. I don't want to see it happen.
    I don't know if Nero is supposed to be Vergil's son, or a reincarnation of him, or what. I think it's better he is one of those two things than that he would just be someone entirely different.
    I mean, his name is Nero as in Nelo Angelo; Vergil as he appears in the first game as a boss… and L and R are the same in Japan.

  14. Dante looks more mature , more serious & more bad ass in DMC2 . He is Demon hunter not a joker who makes other people laugh 😐 . i don't know what's wrong with the people . ok game has its flaws but as in personality Dante looks best in DMC2 . i played 3 1 4 then 2 and i found dante is best is dmc 2 .

  15. Yeah, it's still the same awful game. The ports of all the games are apparently good, though, so it's well worth getting if you haven't played DMC before.

  16. Lol I actually tried it on the devil may cry hd collection and I got bored after the first 15 mins

  17. i should stop reading or watching reviews because they inevitably include the reviewers emotions and bias. you couldnt be any wronger on some of these critiques. the acrobatics play a HUGE part in the gameplay, they are the only means of avoiding attack while keeping your style gauge lit up. for the other 89% percent of complaints youre just being a whiny bitch.

  18. Some of the scrolling text complaints are just retarded.

    "It seems utterly arbitrary which doors you can and cannot open"
    Like that isn't a problem in all games…

  19. In my opinion, Devil may cry 2 was the weakest in the original series. 3 was my favourite followed by 1 and then 4. No comment on the reboot.

  20. Not only were there no ceremonial on the new melee weapons, but none had different strategy just all the same.

  21. ok thank you for telling me why everyone hated this game, never played it but I had assumed all the dmc's were good since this was the only one I didn't play.

  22. You missed one thing: Secret Missions are now "Secret Rooms" where you get to fight a few enemy like you normally would. Lazy as fuck.

  23. "Many Missions are really short"
    Really? While I do agree that there were a couple of missions that were short, the first one definitely had many shorter missions lasting 1-3 minutes.
    "The baddies all have weird Latin names"
    Thank god I wasn't the only one. Seriously, those name were fucking dumb.
    "The music pauses when you access the menu"
    It really takes you out of the game. Really hated that.

  24. if anyone read the "other problems this guy has with the games there is one mistake, in devil may cry 1 ebony & ivory are also called handguns, at least in the Spanish version of the game. Maybe they are called ebony & ivory in the english version but i highly doubt it

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