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Excalibur Reviews – Devil May Cry 4


The Excalibur Brothers complete the Devil May Cry series with the fourth installment. Now with twice as many silver-haired demon slayers, are there enough demons to go round?

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  1. Awesome review, guys. 😀 Very valuable points – you are literally pointing out every single flaw of the game, while still telling it's a great game enough. Though, one personal thing I love about this game you did not mention (though can be seen in the clips), is that they gave this game a very unique design and mood in comparison to the other games. It was more epic, and more combining divinity with diabolism in a fitting way. But meh… loved this review. 😀

  2. i love your channel. you got to do more, it will bring more views. this is one of the best channels on utube. Love your voice~!!

  3. You might not do that many videos but damn they are top quality entertainment and really funny 🙂

  4. Runs at a solid frame rate even when playing on LDK with turbo on… on relatively low end PCs too. 🙂

  5. Hey dudes

    I know it's 5 long days till this year's E3, and I know a lot of people are impatient and can't wait for it to come (Especially to see what PlaySation is going to present). I wanna let you guys know that I have PlayStation's full E3 conference from last year, feel free to check it out and comment on it. I know people are really hyped up about this year, but maybe you can use last year's presentation to fight back the impatience until This year's E3 comes up in 5 days.

  6. Kinda funny how people blame DmC to have really crappy plot… and praise this. :p

    Still not Shakespeare.

  7. Where did you guys go. On par with Dashie and AngryJoe, you are my favorite youtube gamers. Come back to me:(

  8. I'll admit Dante had seemed to have left out the important part of his role, that's his bond with Trish and Lady. they both bonded together but this game throws it out the window.

  9. I don't know what it is that makes it so, but your voice is really annoying. Thumbs down.

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