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Excalibur Reviews – Savage


Meet Savage, a barbarian warrior with a maiden to rescue the only way he knows how: throwing axes and running to the right. Then it’s time to enjoy some fake 3D action, followed by a flight as Savage’s trusty eagle.
Excalibur Reviews take a look at this oft-forgotten Amiga game.

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  1. The Amiga was replete with good-looking-wastes-of-side-scrolling-time such as Savage. Usually developed by Psygnosis. Funny video. I haven't seen one of yours before. I watch a lot of retro game reviews. I'll keep an eye out for more. I have no life…

  2. Another good one chaps. Nice to see a negative review for once.

    How do you guys play these games? Do you have an old amiga or use emulators/ wii virtual console? I've found that even when PC software gets really old it won't work on newer computers.

  3. This game is so awesomely horrible. It doesn't look any fun to play but it looks like the developers had a terrific drug-filled weekend making this game. The music says it all.

    Great review.

  4. Oh man, you should continue your Savage rap song, and make it available for download or something XD

  5. Not sure what emulation settings you were using at the time, but the title music doesn't quite sound its usual awesomeness in your video. Compare to this one: watch?v=vFYZNvKKWG4

  6. what a little gem thsi game is.. The music is excellent and amusing. And the first level isnt to bad, the controls are quite responsive. As for that intro… ive seen better crack screens. 🙂 Thanx for the upload

  7. Ooohh….. I remember playing this when I was about 7. Had a real blast with it, eventhough I died countless times =P

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