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Excalibur Reviews – Zeliard


Zeliard is a platforming action adventure from Game Arts that lets you hack, slash and jump your way through maze-like caverns. Excalibur Reviews are here once again to tell you everything.

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  1. Thanks for the support Paddy! We've kept on sending to ScrewAttack, but they've not featured us again (as yet).

  2. clinging to a rope really fast , lol 🙂 … never finished that one, even though I got close to the end but I did not have the maps and was stuck in some cavern …

  3. One of the best games I ever played .. I played it again in 2008 in my office .. And it was still quite fun and challenging.

  4. Oh boy, when I was a kid, I got this game in a bit less legal way… without maps. It took me months to play it out to the end.

  5. I don't know whether it's cool or really stupid that it seriously took me 11 years to beat this game.

  6. Wow, Tandy 1000 or Roland MT-32.. I haven't seen that kind of music selection dialog in soo long. Well played!!!

  7. man i used to play this on a tandy 1000 with nothing but an internal. Best damn game i've ever played on that rig besides robomaze.

  8. This game was one of the first computer games I ever played. It was great fun and took my brother and I years to beat. it's really hard without the maps.

  9. I passed it without making any maps, but to be fair, I'm pretty sure I used them like 12 years ago when I passed it the first time, and now it was kind of still in my memory… all those wasted hours lol

  10. I recently downloaded this and wondered way the music wasn't as "cool" as I remember it…. I actually played the whole game using the internal PC speaker back in the day! And loved it! It takes out a lot of the extra effects and really grows on you. (guess I didn't know what I was missing) Loved this game, didn't have the maps though so it took forever. Great levels, great items, great shops, just really great. Hated dying mid level though. Funny review too 😉

  11. omg omg omg,
    i was playin' this night and day back when i was a kid.
    The PC speaker music was awesome, i couldn't get it out of my head.
    So mad there wasn't 2nd part.

  12. Damn I had this game on my Tandy 1000EX. So obscure, but the fact it supported the 16 colors and 3 channel sound of my Tandy overwhelmed all and I enjoyed it.

  13. haha the comment on the sage: "I wonder if they know how many fingers I'm holding up" 🙂 good one !

  14. Has anyone ever told you you sound like a character from classic Dr. Who ? And I don't mean that in a bad way, you just remind me of some character from there.

  15. i started humming/whistling a tune that was in my head for months. Didn't know what it was, then realised it was the music played at the start of this game when in town. weird since i haven't played the game in years

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