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Excalibur Testimonials – Satan Could Cry


Satan Could Cry was going to be Resident Evil four, but anything extremely various ended up staying built. This development-setting match introduced the environment to the mighty demon slayer Dante, but is it definitely slay-tanic bliss?

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  1. Mêlée Island? so he wants to become a pirate?

    BTW. I've heard that if you swing and ice blade that is beyond absolute zero temperature faster than the speed of light you leave a trail of space more empty than vacuum

    BBTW: love your videos, fellas.

  2. "the skeleton apears to be a lever of some sort…


    i lol'd, great review, great video, why does it only have 300 views???

  3. Awesome as always! These reviews are really funny and original. You guys deserve more respect then you're getting at the moment! Keep these vids coming

  4. How do you "accidentally" stumble onto an island that happened to be the gateway between Hell and the Earth? While carrying a grenade launcher…accidentally

  5. For 2001 this game was way ahead of its time and it was a huge impact on later games, so don't be harsh or mock the text like an asshole.

  6. Have I ever told you that you two are the reason I own half of the games you review… And like

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