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Excalibur Vegas Tower 2 Space Walkthrough from best-buffet.com


MY EXCALIBUR Excursion Story: – VEGAS Discounts OF THE 7 days:


  1. I absolutely love your videos — you are so funny, and so vibrant! Thank you for everything!

  2. I love your reviews! I'm going to the Hard Rock in 2 weeks and staying at a HRH pool king suite, any thoughts on the room? I saw you reviewed the HRH tower itself but didn't see anything on the rooms in specific. Thanks for all your insights on Vegas!! 🙂

  3. hi Jules,
    my mom and I had two comp nights at excalibur in the contemporary room(tower 2). Friends of ours too stayed there it was a reunion. The service was fantastic. I have stayed there numerous time over the years and never had a bad room or bad service and would get comp drinks, buffets, slot play. and the F&B credit . In my own opinion excalibur has really done a turn around now as one of the best. They upgraded our friends to a spa room . our agent her name was angel and was one. She had someone unlock the blocked room since my room was booked the next day and combined our reservations and we didn't have to check in check out and do the same next day was talking to us during the process. So top notch friendly service. The rooms were beyond clean and gave so many towels and the bathmat. We stayed in the Pryamid spa suite and it was horrible no maid service the tub wasn't a jacuzzi room rundown hardly no towels no bath mat no nothing . Luxors rooms all run down now and ripped off and rude service. Excalibur is really worth it. Only thing they need to change is the front by the walkway really needs to be updaded and need to get rid of those time share people its so annoying. Also looks can be deceiving the buffet looks nice but the food was awful wasted 25 bucks on it everything was nasty. Left after 15 mins I couldn't eat the breakfast or lunch items all was bad. I know you don't like more buffet but they updated a bit they put the carving station back during lunch and they kept bringing new food out though out the entire lunch time. It was so good and I hated it last 5 years. happy traveling!

  4. I'm going on the August 26 2016 so they are charging me 26 dollar fee plus tax I just wish I have a great time it's my first time going to Vegas. I just don't want to get rip off in total I'm paying 362 dollars. I will tell them about me paying the fee and the Internet don't work and no HD wow..

  5. Agreed on tv and pool, I was there to try luck on slots tho. Resort fee is a scam in my opinion.

  6. Jules you are crazy in a funny way… I love your review and you are right on all accounts. if I paying a resort fee I want a FAB gym.

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